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TCM 31 Days of Oscar – Romance on the High Seas

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

I’ve challenged myself to watch a movie every day from Turner Classic Movie channel’s 31 Days of Oscar. I’ll be focusing on the movies I haven’t watched yet, with maybe just a few movies I’ve already seen.

Here is my 31st and last day and movie of my challenge to TCM’s 31 Days of Oscar.

Romance on the High Seas

8 out of 10 Stars

Romance on the High Seas

1948 Musical Romance film. Starring Doris Day, Jack Carson, Oscar Lavant, S. Z. Sakall, Janis Paige, Don DeFoe and Robert Keith.

The 360° Game: starts off with Vivacious Lady starring S. Z. Sakall and he was in Romance on the High Seas with Robert Keith who was in the next film, Small Town Girl.

And the Oscar did not go to… nominated for two awards: Original Song for “It’s Magic” (music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Sammy Cahn), and Music, Scoring of a Musical Picture (Ray Heindorf).

Short Synopsis: A man (Don DeFoe) hires a private eye (Jack Carson) to watch his wife (Janis Paige) on a cruise, but the wife sends an imposter (Doris Day).


A note before I start watching this. And why I chose this movie… Doris Day, this was her first film appearance.

My Thoughts: I love Doris Day and this film looked like it would be a fun movie. Gramps watched it with me and he liked it too. We were both surprised to see Oscar Lavant in this movie too )we had seen him in a film earlier, An American in Paris). This movie was good and the music and comedy was fun.

The Play by Play Thoughts

Romance on the High Seas

The happily married couple. Well, maybe not so happily because it turns out that both of them suffer from a case of jealousy.

1st anniversary to Bermuda – Cancelled. Merger. With the speedy news music and showing Elvira packing. And then unpacking too.

2nd anniversary to Canada – Cancelled. Aspirin deal. Oh Elvira’s mad now. Boy I’d be mad too.

3rd anniversary to Rio and a cruise. And at the travel agency… Where Mrs. Kent just happens to meet a singer that’s dying to travel. She’s taken 7 passport pictures after all, but never as a blonde so another photo it is. Mrs. Kent needs her passport picture taken too. I smell a mix up coming.


It’s business baby. And here is the reason why Mr. Kent has been too busy to go on these anniversary trips. He works for the wife’s Uncle Lazlo who just can’t part with Michael Kent. Well so much for Elvira Kent marrying Michael for love and not business.

Romance on the High Seas

3rd Anniversary. Yep, that trips cancelled too. Michael tells Elvira to go on ahead and enjoy herself on the Cruise. But Mrs. Kent has an idea. One that allows her to secretly stay to catch her husband in the act of hooking up with his secretary. And now she and her uncle are going nightclubbing to meet the singer.

The Nightclub. And here’s Oscar Lavant as Oscar Farrar doing what he does best with the piano. Plus a very young Doris Day playing the blonde singer, Miss Georgia Garrett everyone. Who? Well Georgia has a great voice, but she doesn’t have enough money to travel. But that’s ok, Elvira has a plan of swapping places on that cruise trip.

Romance on the High Seas

“We now present our singing star. An Oscar Farrar discovery, trained by Oscar Farrar and appearing here through the courtesy of Oscar Farrar. Incidentally my name is Oscar… seems to escape me for the moment. Miss Georgia Garrett.”

I’m in Love” – Doris Day.

So she’s not in love. Poor Oscar Lavant because he is in love. With Doris. And who wasn’t in love with that “Girl Next Door.”

Romance on the High Seas

Private Investigator Peter Virgil. He’s very much unorthodox at his job. He gets a phone call while talking to Michael Kent. The client is some poor husband that’s just learned his wife is having an affair. Second call is a gun shot.

Romance on the High Seas

The first Day of the Cruise. And of course the Peter starts talking to the faux Mrs. Kent, aka Georgia.

It’s You or No One” – Doris Day.

Cuba. Their first stop on the cruise and it’s tourist time.

The Tourist Trade” – Avon Long

“It’s Magic” – Doris DayMy Gramps remembers this song as being on the Billboard’s top 10 for a long time. And it was for 21 weeks. It even reached the #2 top position.

On the Cruise again. And oh, so is Oscar. So now Peter suspects the affair. After their argument, Georgie wants to get high as a kite. But she doesn’t drink, so she’ll just get her kicks another way. Singing.

Put ’em in a Box, Tie ’em with a Ribbon and Throw ’em in the Deep Blue Sea” – Doris Day and the Page Cavanaugh Trio

Romance on the High Seas

And here’s Oscar on the cruise. Wow, now here’s the mystery man Mr. Michael Kent thinks his wife is schtooping. Hmm this will bring some complications for Georgia, no wonder she’s playing sick and allowing the doctor who is sick help her.

“Brazilian Rhapsody” (aka Cuban Rhapsody) – Oscar Levant

And now Doris Day singing “It’s You or No One” again.

Romance on the High Seas

Another telegram. Now there’s apparently two men in the picture.

Trinidad. Gramps thinks it’s the exact picture of them docking at Trinidad was just like Cuda, but only reversed.

Run, Run, Run” – Jack Carson

Romance on the High Seas

And the guys get drunk without drinking anything. These poor guys are getting their drinks stolen by some drunk. What’s funny is how Jack and Oscar’s characters acted like they were still getting drunk without even drinking their booze.

Romance on the High Seas

Now everyone is in Rio and when I say everyone I mean everyone, including the uncle. Mistaken identity is great.

Romance on the High Seas

“What if there is bloodshed in 314? We’re going to the whole third floor over anyhow.” – Hotel Concierge.

Third times a charm with Mr. Kent finding out who’s in his wife’s bed.

“I… I will tell you. It’s an awful day. Such a hurly-burly in this Rio. I was happy to find a quiet place.” – Uncle Lazlo.

Romance on the High Seas

Mrs. Kent is going to sing. Actually she didn’t. And now that the confusion is all sorted, here’s Doris singing “It’s Magic” again.

The End. And it was magic.

Romance on the High Seas

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