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Throwback Thursday Book Review

Throwback Reviews from old Amazon and wherever else I’ve written a review.

“Tempting but also forgetable.” Reread and Reviewed on September 25, 2013.

Tempting - Susan Mallery

Tempting (The Buchanans Saga, Book 4) by Susan Mallery. 3★

So I’ve read one of Susan’s other books, well half of it anyway. It was one of the Fool’s series book. So then I thought I’d try reading this book along with a different Fool’s series book. Turns out Tempting was a reread for me. I’d completely forgotten that I’d read it already. I don’t recall when though. I didn’t recognize the plot but I did remember some of the characters.

So I finished rereading because it’s a decent romance book with some sex scenes. The character development was pretty good. The story and writing was smooth and nice to read, even though there was a few redundancies. The happily ever after at the ending was unrealistic for me as this was an instant attraction and love and marriage after a month. And now all the Buchanan siblings (4) are hitched/ engaged in the span of one year. There is a lot of subplots occurring – politics, disabled children (HIV positive, Hearing Impaired, Down Syndrome and Cerebral palsy). As for the ideal to adapt kids with disabilities, I think it’s great. But they are written in a very unrealistic way. I.e. 15 y.o. Bailey Canfield who has Down Syndrome is a nice fictional character. Her disability symptoms are pure fictional in my opinion. But that’s because I had 2 relatives with Down Syndrome. My Uncle John passed away some years back in his 50’s, cousin Zita is currently in her early 30’s. She’s an incredible person. But sometimes it’s still very difficult to understand what she’s saying.

And then there’s more subplots like… The Canfield’s marriage and family (Mark and Katherine Canfield are some of the various character point of views – I think there was 5 p.o.v.’s total). Alex’s ex-wife Fiona is a bit of a drama subplot. Oh and Gracie Buchanan’s health and restaurant empire.

I did like Dani Buchanan and Alex Canfield and their story (the main plot). Their romance was pretty quick. But the characters were all likeable.


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