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TCM Condemned Movie – And God Created Woman

TCM Condemned Movies

TCM Spotlight: Condemned

TCM Condemned – A Festival of Films Condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency. Here are those movies that TCM is showing that they’re airing on Thursdays. I will be watching these here and there, so they will not be posted on the Thursday too.

…And God Created Woman

Et Dieu - And God Created Woman

Also known as Et Dieu… créa la femme in French.

6 out of 10 Stars ★

1956 French Drama Film. Starring Brgiette Bardot, Jean-Louis Trintignant,  Curd Jürgens, Marie Glory and Christian Marquand.

The Short Synopsis: A scantily clad beauty (Brigitte Bardot) teases her husband (Jean-Louis Trintignant), his brother and a Riviera millionaire (Curt Jurgens). Definitely Rated R.


The reasons it was Banned: From the looks of it, Sex, Nudity, Adultery. And Sister Rose Pacatte, the host for the Thursday night special, mentioned more things that the Legion didn’t like, including the Bible’s words in the title of the movie. And for a moment there Gramps thought the nun was an actress. Nope.

My Thoughts: Well, I watched this with my Gramps. He remembers that in every French film with Brigitte, there was at least one scene where she was completely nude. With this movie, she’s nude at the very start of the film. Right after the credits. Shocker. But then, this is a French film. According to Sister Rose Pacatte, this movie is what labeled Brigitte Bardot as a “Sex Kitten.” My mom saw a documentary of hers where she stated that she couldn’t escape that image. And so at age 40, in 1974, as a goodbye to being a Sexpot, Bardot appeared in a nude photo shoot in Playboy magazine, (Wikipedia). Brigitte is currently 81.

And God Created Woman

She was 21 during the film, And God Created Woman, directed by her husband Roger Vadim. This movie was just before their divorce of 4 years of marriage. The way she’s portrayed in this movie and according to Sister Rose, Roger seemed to dangle Brigitte as bait for men in his films. She had an affair with her co-star before her divorce. Good for her.

As for the movie, this was a love triangle of sorts, but in this case there’s many men who adore and love Juliette (Brigitte). It has a lot of drama. As for poor Brigitte, she seemed to be a woman that just wanted a friend. And also someone that just doesn’t know how to love or be in relationships. Juliette even has an affair with her husband’s brother, Antoine, because he’s like a disease, not love.

And the ending? “Santa Claus” Eric Carradine fixes everything by keeping him and Antoine out of Juliette’s life so that she can be happy with her husband Michel. And all just after a climatic scene with Brigitte seductively dancing and Eric being shot. And so Eric and Antoine are gone. Brigitte and Michel walk home and hand-in-game they walk inside their home. The End. That was it. All quickly wrapped up for us in a matter of a few minutes.

The Play by Play of Thoughts

And God Created Woman

Bridget Bardot showing off her bum. She does have a nice body.

[Juliette is sunbathing in the nude]
Eric Carradine: “Ah! The Garden of Eden in Saint-Tropez!”
Juliete Hardy: “Monsieur Carradine! And I suppose you are the Devil?”
Eric: “Perhaps so. I’ve brought the apple anyway”

And God Created Woman

Antoine and Michel Tardieu, as well as the rich guy, Eric Carradine. And here are the men who are in love with Juliette.

Michel Tardieu: “Do you know the story about the worm who loved a star?”
Christian Tardieu: “No. How does it end?”
Michel: “Badly.”
Christian: “I know the song about the caterpillar who loves a butterfly.”
Michel: “How does it end?”
Christian: “Well.”

Back to the millionaire. Seems Juliette has a plan to make Antoine jealous. Juliette flirts with Eric just after she heard Antoine tell his friends that Juliette is only good for a one-night affair.

Mme Vigier-Lefranc: “Eric, I’m worried about you.”
Eric Carradine: “Worried?”
Mme Vigier-Lefranc: “You are at the point of falling for her.”
Eric: “What makes you say that?”
Mme Vigier-Lefranc: “Whenever you look at her, you appear less intelligent.”

Poor Eric Carradine, he’s got a lot of problems. Seems Eric the rich guy is falling in love with Juliette. Also the Tardieu family just won’t sell their shipping land to him. Not even for 4 million dollars. At least Juliette tried to warn Eric to not fall for her seduction.

Juliette: “It’s dangerous. You won’t ever be able to forget me.”

And God Created Woman

Crossroads. Juliette still doubts that Antoine will take her away with him, but she’s still willing to meet the bus at the Crossroads. Says goodbye to her kitten, releases her bird and rabbit, Socrates. But Antoine does not have the bus stop. So she tries to catch the rabbit she set free.
Gramps asked if this will be a revenge movie now. If Juliette had any brains or smarts, then she might have gotten revenge.

And God Created Woman

Juliette might get sent back to the orphanage. To save her from going, marriage. Michel Tardieu is Antoine’s younger brother and in love with Juliette. She marries Michel but is still barefoot. Incidentally Bridget Bardot is married to the director Roger Vadim. And Bridget and the actor of Michel, Jean-Louis Trintignant had an affair for two years. That’s the French.

And God Created Woman

Michel Tardieu: “What if you were in love? Would that make a difference?”
Juliette Hardy: “Maybe… I’ve never spoken about myself so much.”
Michel: “Would you be my wife?”
Juliette: “No.”
Michel: “I’m sure I could make you happy.”
Juliette: “No, we can’t.”
Michel: “What are you afraid of?”
Juliette: “Of myself.”

And God Created Woman

The Wedding. Antoine arrives just in time… for Michel and Juliette’s wedding. And for Juliette to look at Antoine longingly before saying to the priest that she will marry Michel.


The Wedding Dinner, in her robe. But that’s because she’s tending her husband’s needs. After all, he was so brave for fighting some tough guy for her honor. And jealousy. And so it’s a blissful honeymoon while Eric and Antoine are away.

And God Created Woman

“I wonder where she goes every night?” To the bar to listen to the jukebox. Just before going there though, there’s this scene where she asks her husband for money. And what a way to ask him. Take lessons here gals because this is apparently the way to make your husbands broke and ask for money from their mother.

Oh and the bar is at the same building where Eric conducts his business with his hopeful casino. Now he’s told Juliette that he’ll wait for her, even when her hair is all grey. What a guy.

Juliette: “I don’t like saying goodbye.”

And Antoine doesn’t like saying goodbye. He’s back and working for Eric.

Christian: Juliette was made for you. Your brother had to marry her to make you realize it.”

And God Created Woman

Marriage life is blissful for Juliette and Michel. She even thinks she’s falling in love with her husband, but she’s scared. And sure she still is barefoot and acts reckless sometimes. Like shooting a gun in the shipping office at the bottles outside. All because shooting a gun excites her.

And God Created Woman
A pout because for a moment she thought her husband wasn’t thinking about her while he was at work

And of course her bunny, Socrates is her pet too. How cliché.

Juliette has a fever. And while Michel is away, Antoine takes advantage. He’s also going to turn green with envy with Juliette making friends with the youngest brother and her husband’s return.

And God Created Woman

The Mother always knows what’s going on though. And here comes Eric back in town. But all Juliette cares about is the music and dancing.

Juliette is in love with Michel. And poor Eric gets shot by the husband.

In the end, the rich guy Eric orders Antoine to leave the city. He is still the boss of Antoine after all. And Juliette goes back to her husband.

And God Created Woman

Fin. That’s it? Yup. Juliette is in love with her husband. The End.

And God Created Woman


2 thoughts on “TCM Condemned Movie – And God Created Woman

  1. Fun. Watching with your Grandpa! Well, what am I saying, as I’m old enough to be one and I love BB. I’ve reviewed several of her movies (although I haven’t done this one yet—saw it way back), and while the films aren’t much, she was always as charming as she was sexy. Much better actress than she was ever given credit for. Try ‘Viva Maria’ where she and Jeanne Moreau team up–its a lot of fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the recommendation. It was fun watching with my Gramps. When I told him about these Banned movies his first reaction was how he remembered sneaking over to the playboy theaters to watch “The Outlaw”. He was sorely disappointed but willing to rewatch it with me. It was on last week so we’ll watch it on Amazon streaming


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