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TCM’s Disney Vault movies – Nikki the dog & the Disney Shorts

TCM Disney

The TCM channel’s Disney Treasure Vault

Disney and Nikki and the Bear

Disney movies and shorts from TCM channel’s Disney Treasure Vault. TCM airs some Disney movies from their “Treasure Vault” once a month. Now these aren’t the regular Disney movies that you might know of today. Like today’s movies with a documentary on insects and this movie about a dog and a bear that must survive on their own in the wilderness (Nikki, Wild Dog of the North – movie watched & This is the review below). Of course there’s the other more popular movies that they showed this month, like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and a few 1930’s old Disney Shorts.

The Old Disney Shorts

Now according to my Gramps, these Disney Shorts must have been digitalized when they restored it because when they were shown before the other movies at the theaters they did not look so colorful. So this review will start off with those Disney Shorts that TCM aired this past week for March’s Disney Vault movies and then the review for the movie – Nikki, Wild Dog of the North.

The Whalers & The Sea Scouts

Disney - The Whalers

These very short films is from the late 1930’s. The 1938 short, The Whalers is a very short 8 minutes. At least it has two of the funniest characters that are Mickey Mouse‘s friends, Donald Duck and Goofy. It’s a classic funny bit with the three shipmate pals looking for a whale. And of course in the meantime Goofy and Donald get into a few messes.

Disney - Sea Scouts

The Whalers is so short that TCM aired another short after with Sea Scouts, another 8 minute short from 1939 with Donald Duck, his nephews and a very hungry shark. It starts of with Donald Duck being the Captain wearing some pretty fancy clothes and a very nice puffy Captain’s hat. The Nephews are of course Donald’s little Sea Swabs (the ones that have to do all the hard work). Well the boys can’t get the boat underway because the anchor is stuck on a rock, so leave it to Donald to try to get the ship underway and fail in a funny way. Oh and now he’s got to try to avoid being eaten by a very hungry shark. But don’t worry, Donald Duck has a Popeye-strength right hook punch.

Disney - Sea Scouts - Captain Donald

As you can probably tell, Sea Scouts was my favorite. So here’s the YouTube video of it.


Merbabies is another fun video but this time it seemed like it was a little longer, so TCM didn’t show another short with it.


This 1938 short last 9 minutes. At least with this video I can sort of see the original film look within the digital re-mastered touch. It’s a cute story of some baby mermaids that are born in the waves and swim down to the bottom of the ocean to perform a circus show. My nieces would have probably liked this because they probably might have thought that the mermaids would look cute. I thought they looked a little odd but it’s a old film and I understand what the film makers were trying to tell. That story was cute. But I would probably be with my nephew’s opinion and watch the Donald Duck film.

The Featured Film

TCM Disney 3-09-2016

Now onto reviewing the Disney film that I watched. Well actually, my Gramps , or dog Peanut and I watched this movie. And we didn’t even mean to watch this film. It was on after TCM aired the wildlife documentary.

Nikki, Wild Dog of the North

Nikki Wild Dog of the North

7 out of 10 Disney Stars

1961 Action/ Adventure Film. Starring Jean Coutu, Emile Genest, Jacques Fauteux and Uriel Luft.

Short Synopsis: A malamute pup and a bear cub are separated from their master during a canoe trip through the mountains.

Gramps and Peanut

My Thoughts: For a film to be able to make my very smart dog think that there’s a dog growling or such inside the house is pretty impressive. Whenever Nikki or the bear Noozak made sounds, Peanut would look at us to see what’s going on. Poor thing didn’t have a clue as to why she heard a dog in the house.

This film was fictional story with a touch of documentary filming. The documentary part had a lot of scenes that  could be fast forward without loosing the story’s plot. Scene’s like Nikki the dog fighting a full grown and angry bear was too nerve racking for me to watch. That was mostly because I really liked Nikki the dog and Noozak the bear.

Gramps remembers seeing this movie, but only the ending. He liked it enough to stay up late with me to watch it.

The Play by Play of Thoughts

There are only four stages to this film’s plot.

Nikki with his master Andre. Thanks to this narrator (Jacques Fauteux), we learn that Nikki is one-eighth Wolf and the rest a Mackenzie Huskie.

Disney - Nikki and Noozak

Nikki and Noozak the Bear are lost in the Wilderness. A bear cub and a dog have somehow become friends. Together they learn to survive in the wilderness. There is a lot of great footage here of the animals. This was the best part I thought, though Gramps didn’t remember this.

Nikki Wild Dog of the North

Nikki has grown up to be a very large dog, weighing at 125 pounds. And he unluckily gets caught by a very greedy and mean fur trader. From there the fur trader thinks that he can make Nikki become a great Dog Fighter. But at the trading post he learns that the dog fights have been banned by non other than Andre. But there’s a fight with first the dogs and then the humans. Luckily for Andre that Nikki remembers who he is.

Nikki has found his master Andre and they all live happily ever after. Yes, Nikki found Noozak the bear. But now they are both full grown. And so Nikki must choose between being a dog or a wild animal. He of course chooses to be a dog and goes back to Andre and the Indian.

Nikki - Wild Dog of the North


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