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Silent Sunday Nights – March 13th

TCM Silent Sunday Nights

Silent Sunday Nights

TCM regular schedule is back and so am I (sort of). Tonight is their Silent Sunday Nights with Silent Films. Tonight is 3 Laurel and Hardy films.

Thundering Fleas - The Our Gang 1926

Laurel and Hardy - Do Detectives Think

I’m currently watching some 1926 Silent Films: Thundering Fleas with the Our Gang (aka The Little Rascals) and Do Detectives Think? with Laurel & Hardy. These are both some funny movies. And oh goodness those fleas, almost had me scratching there for a minute.

Happy Birthday Sis

Happy Birthday

It’s my sister’s birthday today. We had a good family dinner together and her husband helped me sign up for a faster Internet plan. Well, after a good dinner and some yummy cake, they had to leave early because it was school night for my niece. And so now I wish I could get some of these tag posts that I’ve been trying to work on, they will have to waitbecause I’ve got a lot of dinner dishes that need to be washed.

Dirty Dishes

Well, happy birthday sis. Even if I do have a lot of cleaning to do.

Also, a note about Daylight Savings Time, they suck.

“Anoche cambió la hora.”

According to this “Living Language: Spanish” 2016 day to day calender, it means:

“Last night the time changed.”

Ya, I know time changed. I lost an hour of sleep in the process too.


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