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The Rip It or Ship It Tag

Rip It or Ship It Tag

The Rip It or Ship It Tag

I was tagged by Lucía @Making Days Better. I’ve seen this tag a lot and have been thinking of doing but I just didn’t know what characters I would choose. So I’ve made this different. Yes I’m still picking two characters (all romantically involved) and then putting each name in a hat to be drawn and matched at random with a mate. I’ve also added the actor who I think should play that role.

Shall I Rip It or Ship It?

Nick & Sophie

Nick, the struggle author mix-matched with the slightly overweight and dateless Sophie.

A tie between Rip ItShip It.

I don’t think Sophie would want to be matched with a guy that won’t make a romantic commitment until his book is published. On the other hand, Nick doesn’t mind that his lady has a “food baby.”

Nick (Mr. Maybe by Jane Green) played by Aidan Turner.

Aidan Turner

In the BBC show Being Human, Aidan Turner plays a dashing normal hospital janitor, so playing a struggling author trying to get his first book published and having commitment phobia won’t be new to him.

Nick is an inspiring and broke author. He breaks up with his love because he thinks she deserves someone better. And that break up also has to go along with his phobia of commitment. What is up with these British blokes and their phobias of commitment? Seriously!

But with Aidan Turner I can forgive the character of anything. sigh yummy

Sophie (Asking For Trouble by Elizabeth Young) played by Rebel Wilson.

Rebel Wilson

I think Rebel Wilson is a funny comedian, though I’m not a fan of the movies Pitch Perfect. But I picked her because what other British actress can pull off hiring a stud for her sister’s wedding? Well other than the American actress Debra Messing who starred in the sort-of adaptation movie, The Wedding Date.

Sophie is in a hot mess. She desperately needs a date for her sister’s wedding. Desperately! She does try the old fashioned way and what not, but she has very low self-esteem because she’s a bit overweight. Her sister’s pre-wedding parties are around the corner so she does what any “sane” singleton does, Sophie of course hires a male escort. Well thinks get more hilarious and complicated from there.


Jack & Libby

Jack, Mr. Rich guy mix-matched with the one looking for a Mr. Right and Rich, Libby.

I’d say Ship It.

But I don’t think Jack would like the fact that Libby is still in love with her ex.

Jack (Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella) played by Tom Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston

Because Tom Hiddleston just has that look for rich sophistication I think. It doesn’t help that he’s also quite handsome in a suit or just looking casual.

Jack is a kind and lovable Brit. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also the CEO of a company and is rich. But not rich enough to have his own private jet. This is a Chick-Lit book by Sophie Kinsella after all so it has some realism.

Libby (Mr. Maybe by Jane Green) played by Emily Blunt.

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt has played this type of character before I’m sure. The British gal that’s just searching for her Mr. Right and Rich.

Libby is a fun character. She’s in love with a guy that seems to be the complete opposite of her. And she’s also met another guy that seems like he could be the Mr. Right (and Rich too). Oh who to choose from? Shall it be the commitment phobic guy or the Rich one that has proposed marriage in just a short time? Well, I’m not giving anything else away here.


Josh & Ellana

Josh, the hired date/ ex special forces mix-matched with the Italian damsel in distress, Ellana.

I’d say Ship It.

That priest that kidnapped Ellana doesn’t stand a chance.

Josh (Asking For Trouble by Elizabeth Young) played by Tom Hardy.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy is another gorgeous guy. He’s also a great actor.

As for Tom playing as Josh, well he wouldn’t need to work that hard at seduction and showing a gal that she’s good looking in his opinion. And he’d probably end Sophie’s (from Young’s book) low self-esteem a lot faster than the character, Josh did.

As for the character being matched with Ellana in The Italian by Ann Radcliffe, he’d probably be able to save Ellana a lot faster than Vincetio did, this shortening that very very long book. But I’ll still probably be rereading that long book in the future.

Ellana (The Italian by Ann Radcliffe) played by Monica Bellucci.

Monica Bellucci

Monica Bellucci may be in her early 50s now but she’s still quite good looking.

As for this young damsel in distress Ellana, I think Monica would either need the script writers to change the characters age or pray for a time machine.

There’s not that much that I remember of Ellana because it’s been over 10 years since I’ve read this. I do remember that she’s your typical Italian damsel in distress heroine. And throughout everything her love for Vincentio never changes, even after thinking that he’s responsible for her despair in being hidden at a church where the bad guys hope that she’ll forget Vincentio and become a nun.


Chaz & Giuliette

Chaz, the carefree, loyal and lovable guy mix-matched with the gal that just learned her name is really Giuliette.

A tie between a Rip ItShip It.

I love Chaz but he’s also has a phobia of commitment and Giuliette already has problems enough as it is. Plus I don’t think he’d be brave enough to come to her rescue when she’s been kidnapped by treasure hunters. But then, it the two actors that I picked would probably make this work.

Chaz (Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot) played by James Marsden.

James Mardsen

James Marsden is gorgeous. He can also be a little funny too.

Chaz is a lovable goofball. He’s also carefree – dresses casual a lot and surprises us with the fact that he does own a tux and other dress clothes. His loyalty to his best friend Luke is great but I don’t know why he’s friends with the guy. And did I already mention how lovable he is?

And this picture of James Marsden is definitely what Chaz would look like I think.

Giuliette (Juliet by Anne Fortier) played by Drew Barrymore.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is one of my favorite actresses. Seriously I love her.

Julie James finds out that her real name is Giulette (something, I don’t recall) and that her family is connected to the family that Shakespeare supposedly based his play, Romeo and Juliet on. But she’s still American. And in Juliet’s grave, there’s a hidden treasure of jewels. Except that no one has ever found Romeo & Juliet’s graves.

Drew Barrymore has both the quirkiness that this character has. And plus I think Drew could definitely pull off playing the reincarnation of Juliet. And this time she’d make sure it was a happy ending and she could probably do it with being her own hero.


Alessandro & Emma

Alessandro, the dashing Italian that has secrets mix-matched with the the gal that can’t keep secrets to herself, Miss Emma.

I’d say Rip It.

There’s no way that they would work out.

Alessandro (Juliet by Anne Fortier) played by Giulio Berruti.

Giulio Berruti

Ooh now isn’t this Italian gorgeous? Yummy.

Giulio Berruti would be perfect for Alessandro I think. He’s got the perfect amount of that Italian look along with just the right amount of mystery. Plus he has to have that look of a Italian Romeo because apparently he’s a reincarnation of the Romeo that Shakespeare based his play on.

Romeo oh Romeo.

Emma (Can You Keep a Secret? by Sophie Kinsella) played by Kate Winslet.

Kate Winslet

I’m a fan of British actress Kate Winslet. I love her movies. I think she can pull of being this character that is a British young woman who just happens to have meet her boss on the plane. Oh and she just happen to have told him all sorts of juicy secrets about herself to the guy when they thought the plane was going to crash. Lizzie is a fun comedic character and I think Kate Winslet would do fine at playing her.


Vincentio & Lizzie

Vincentio, Italian who will do anything to save his damsel in distress mix-matched with a clothing designer and talkative Lizzie.

I’d say Rip It.

Lizzie already had one affair with a French guy (spoiler – it didn’t end well).

Vincentio (The Italian by Ann Radcliffe) played by Raoul Bova.

Raoul Bova

Raoul Bova is a handsome Italian right? As for playing Vincentio, I’m thinking of the actor like him but since the character is young then he’s got to look younger than his age – 44.

Vincentio still lives with his Momma and Papa after all. But if they change the age of the character to being a little older, than Raoul would be perfect.

Lizzie (Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot) played by Keira Knightley.

Keira Knightley

I think Keira Knightley is a good actress, but there’s just something about her that annoys me.

She’d be perfect then I think to act as Lizzie. That character is very talkative and cannot keep a secret. Plus it took her 3 books to finally come to her senses and realize who she really loves.

Tag you’re it.

Seriously don’t know who has and hasn’t done this tag because it’s been going around a lot I noticed. So if you’d like to do this, then I tag you. Just be sure to let me know if you’ve done this because I’d love to see it.

And for those that have done this, if you’d like to share the post then let me know and I’ll be happy to look at it.

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