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Wazzup Wednesday Mar 16th


Wazzup Wednesday

A Wednesday where I share all the things that I liked from the past week.

Wazzup San Diego

San Diego, California, U.S. has been ranked as One of the Top U.S. Destinations for 2016.

I lived in San Diego from 2003-2007 thanks to my service in the US Navy military. I really loved living in San Diego. There was so many things to do there. Of course, for those military members that were under drinking age (21), they thought there wasn’t much to do so every weekend they would go to Tijuana, Mexico to drink. But there’s so much more to do in San Diego than drink their various brewed beers. I loved going to the beaches the most, as well as going to the baseball games and then dinner at the Gaslamp (San Diego Downtown). And if you’d like know about what else there is to do in San Diego, this Buzzfeed article lists 26 things, in an A-Z list.

Wazzup & Happy Birthday Jerry Lewis

TCM Jerry Lewis

Today is Jerry Lewis‘s 90th Birthday. Happy Birthday Jerry. My Mom and Gramps don’t really like him. As for me, I think that some of his movies and comedy is ok. TCM channel has been showing a lot of his movies last night and tonight. So tonight I’ll be watching The Bellboy. Review to follow latter on (maybe tomorrow).

After a 20 year absence in the movies, Jerry’s in a film called Max Rose, which will be released in April 10th. Well, actually it looks like it was already shown during the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. So that’s why this clip from YouTube is from 2013.

Wazzup Vons & Monopoly

Our local Vons grocery stores have once again been doing the Monopoly game. I’ve got almost every piece for each prize, just missing one to two pieces for them. I did win one of the prizes though – $5 Grocery Gift Card. Ya for me! Although I think I’ll wait to cash that in a little while from now because I’m still hoping that I’ll get some more pieces that I’m missing to win big.

Wazzup Health

My last post I mentioned that I’ve got a shoulder injury. Well it started a month ago with a strained muscle on my left shoulder/ back. Now I also have a pinched nerve, where, my doctor is not sure but I did have some x-rays taken and I hope to find out what’s going on soon. In the meantime, Gramps, Peanut and I are getting some excersize. We took a nice walk tonight. As you can see Peanut is a such a good dog that she only needed to wear her leash when we walked at a busy street. And yet even then she’s still such a great dog that I barely was holding on to her leash. I’m very grateful for that because on the way home I had to push Gramps home while he sat on his walker and Peanut stayed right with us on her own.


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