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The Bellboy

TCM Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis’s 90th Birthday

Jerry Lewis turned 90 years old this week. Happy birthday Jerry. TCM channel showed a lot his movies on Tuesday and Wednesday (his birthday).

The Bellboy

The Bellboy

7 out of 10 Funny Stars

Jerry Lewis‘s first feature as the Director, Producer, Writer and the Star of the movie.

1960 Comedy Black & White film. Starring Jerry Lewis (& stars as himself too), Sonny Sands, Milton Berle, Alex Gerry and Walter Winchell as the Narrator.

Short Synopsis: A mute bellboy (Jerry Lewis) working at the luxurious Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach constantly causes problems with his clumsy mistakes. (72 minutes)

My Thoughts: My Mom and Gramps aren’t fans of Jerry Lewis and I can see how he can be annoying for some people. For those that have never seen a Jerry Lewis film, he’s a little bit like Jim Carrey – without the gross butt humor and such.

Well it took me a while this week to get around to watching this film but I finally did while I was babysitting my 5 year old niece. Mom mentioned that she didn’t like Jerry again while I tried watching this and said my niece might like him. Well I rewound a funny skit for the niece to watch and she liked it enough to stay and watch it with me. We both found that bits of this movie was funny. Sometimes though I think my niece thought it was funnier than I did. But we both liked it.

Play by Play of Thoughts:

An Into from Jack Mulcher.

“Hello. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Jack E. Mulcher, the Executive Producer in charge of all productions made here in Paramount.”

The Bellboy

After Ben Mankiewicz‘s introduction and interview with Jerry Lewis about the film here is Jack E. Muncher having a giggling fit because according to him, this movie has no story, no plot and is actually a series of sequences. Really funny ones at that too it seems because Jack is giggling like a crazy person and telling the cameraman to put the film on. Well I’ll see how funny they really are.

The Bellboy - Fontainebleau Hotel

The Famous Fontainebleau Hotel. The Narrator tells us all about the hotel and the staff. But the guy also includes the bellboys who he says are “the real unsung heroes of the hotel.” The ones who are apparently the backbone of the hotel because it’s their job to pretty much do everything in order for the guests to have a happy stay at the hotel.

The Bellboy

And of course here’s the perfect cameo picture time for the title of the film with Jerry Lewis’s character. And of course all but Jerry knows where they’re supposed to after breaking ranks.

The Bellboy

Stanley’s first Mistake – thinking that this was the trunk of a BMW Bug. And he some how miraculous got the engine out of the car. And so the comedy skit begins

The Bellboy

The real Jerry Lewis has arrived at the Hotel, after 27 people existed from his car. A funny bit of the classic let’s see how many “clowns” can all fit in a car. It’s funnier seeing all these people and the Bellboys cramming into the elevator.

Mr. Milton Berle as a bellboy: “There’s an awful lot of kooks in this hotel.”

The Bellboy

Double Vision. Now here’s a skit with two actors playing themselves and playing as a bellboy. Yup, there is a lot of kooks in this hotel.

Music Conductor Stanley. My niece liked this part. Stanley sure has some imagination.

The $25,000 Golf Tournament. Of course Stanley wants to go to that golf event and there will no doubt be some chaos that he’ll cause.

The Bellboy

Narrator: “If you ever want to see the next story, you have to ask.”

The End. Stanley can talk after all. And all this time my niece thought that he couldn’t talk at all. There was some occasions that he should have had some chances to talk, but then this ending wouldn’t have been so funny.

And here is a link – or if the video works, then here’s the video of the interview with Ben Mankiewicz and Jerry Lewis.

2 thoughts on “The Bellboy

  1. I never got Jerr, even as a kid. A few bits here and there, and I thought “The Nutty Professor” was very good (his best by far), but otherwise he’s just TOO much, and all I read, heard and saw about ‘Serious Jerry’ aka The EGO put me off. Doing, or seeing people do, an impression of him is funnier than the actual guy (like Bush). He does have his fans, though, and I have to remember to not alienate them when I write up one of his movies. I was fair on “The Geisha Boy” and “Scared Stiff”, but I raked him on”The Caddy” and “The Family Jewels”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm maybe I’ll record The Nutty Professor in the future. But I think I won’t be watching any more for this month. I do remember seeing the Army movie with him and Dean Martin. I definitely preferred Dean over Jerry.


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