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Monday’s Arts & Artists / Movie Posters & Trailers

TCM Arts & Artist

Monday’s Arts & Artists

On Monday’s TCM channel is doing a theme I haven’t seen them do lately. Maybe they have done this before and I never noticed, either way it looks interesting. TCM channel is focusing on the films that are about Art and the Artists: i.e. the painters, sculptures and so on.

So I’m taking a break from my Monday Mayhem (those posts about how crazy my week is looking) and I’ll be posting my art, along with other artist’s works, from painting to music.

Movie Posters & Trailers

You’ve finally gotten the time to go the movie theaters. The last movie you saw in theaters was over 2 months ago (or longer). You go early to get your snacks and seats. And then there’s commercials. Not the trailers for movies coming soon. No these are the commercials you would see on regular tv mode. Well luckily those don’t last long, right? Oh wait. Now it’s the trailers for those upcoming movies. Now you have to sit through those too. That’s maybe 10 minutes wasted right?!

And those movie trailers? Say you’re there to see an action movie, you’ve now got to watch the Jason Bourne trailer and other upcoming action movies. But are the trailers any good?!? Or have they just given us the entire plot away, thus making it irrelevant in seeing the movie now. In that case the movie’s producers and advertising agency either did a great job or they tanked it. And just spouting off the cast members doesn’t cut it IMO.

Here are some movies upcoming in 2016 that I am looking forward to seeing with some thumbs up or down for the trailer and posters. But since there’s so many movies I’d like to see, here’s the ones that I haven’t seen up that much on WordPress (5 movies).


Trolls 😍😍

Thumbs Up and this is a pretty good marketing job, so far, being that not that many people know about the movie.

November 4, 2016 (USA). IMDb has both the trailer and the poster. I think they look cute.


Bridget Jones’s Baby 😍

Bridget Jones Baby

Thumbs Up (but only for the trailer).

September 16, 2016 (USA). IMDb has the poster and it looks pretty pathetic so far. At least the trailer looks good, even if it does look like it’s giving a lot of the plot and comedy away.

But the casting looks good. Renee gets to choose between Mr. Darcy or Dr. McDreamy. Oh and yes, I’m a Bridget Jones fan.


Godzilla Resurgence

Godzilla Resurgence - Shin Gojira

Thumbs Up!

July 29, 2016 (Japan) Original title: Shin Gojira. IMDb has some information on it but not much. Had to Google the trailer. Loved it. Classic!

After watching the 2014 American movie I actually liked it and have looked into watching other Gojira movies. Stay tuned for a little 3 movie marathon reviews.


Assassin’s Creed

Assassins Creed

Half Interested.

December 31, 2016 (USA). IMDB has some pictures available and this poster. I’m interested in this only because of Michael Fassbender. 💗

Thumbs Down for the trailer. I didn’t really follow what’s going on and gave up watching it. No wonder IMDb doesn’t have this on their movie page.


Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Thumbs Up. The trailer was short and still intriguing.

November 4, 2016 (USA). IMDb has some lovely pictures and I had to Google the trailer.


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