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Throwback Thursday Movie Reviews

tbt Throwback Thursday movies

Throwback Thursday Movie Reviews

Here’s a Throwback Thursday movie review. These two movies are from when I watched them with my then 3 year old niece in August 2013. Here is our reviews.


Planes movie poster

A 3 y.o.’s review who liked it a lot.

(My 3 y.o. niece’s first big screen experience and with both parents. I didn’t go but she told me a bit about it. And according to her mom – my sister – she loved the movie. It was a perfect movie for those first big screen eyes. She’s seen and liked the first Cars movie).

“The screen was big, big, big, as big as the wall. I sat good and watched the movie with mom and dad. The planes were racing. And they were so cute. I had fun.”


Cars movie

(My rating is about a 4 star.) 3 y.o. niece liked it.

(So I own the dvd. And my niece has seen some of it before. I noticed that she’d loose interest at times because the characters would talk too much. I think there was just too much older kid and adult stuff. Like my niece has never before heard about Ferraris. And I had to explain why no one was going to Radiator Springs – even when Sally was explaining it herself. But the characters are great. The humor is funny. And it’s been a keeper in our kid movie collection).

Cars 2006According to my 3 y.o. niece while she was running around the house pretending to be a car:

“I watched Cars! And there was airplanes like the movie.”

When asked who her favorite characters were: Well of course Lightning McQueen and Mater. Throughout the movie she was laughing and saying “silly Mater!”

Cars 2 movie - Lightning McQueen and Mator


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