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Throwback Thursday Reviews

Here’s another old review for Throwback Thursday. I read and reviewed this on March 30, 2013.

No Tan Lines (Barefoot William, Book 1) by Kate Angell 3★

No Tan Lines by Kate Angell

This is available as a library ebook. I decided to check this ebook and read it on my Kindle Fire because od the lovers-enemies romance.

I liked Shaye Cates. The only time she annoyed me was when she had gone to Trace’s office. Her self esteem issue was over the mark. I really liked that this character was independent, healthy self esteem and likeable. It took me too long to finally like Trace Saunders.

This has a nice storyline – very little similarities to Romeo and Juliet.

“Shaye’s hatred of Trace was bone deep. He was a Saunders, and she was a Cates.” – Shaye Cates.

This is very short and too quick (sometimes whip lash) with a prologue and 11 chapters. The prologue was a nice opener to this 100 year old fued between two families (Cates and Saunders). But it got boring and repetitive after 60%. There was some other things in between all the fueding that were nice – like Shaye and Trace’s romance blossoming.

This was a chore to read though. I was glad to hear Kai’s point of view for a chapter because it helped me escape from the story. But wait… I was reading this romance book to escape already. And I was disappointed that the author switched from Shaye and Trace’s story to Dune and Sophie’s story. To hear about the tournament in Dune’s point of view was ok. But I would’ve rather liked more about Shaye and Trace. After all – it’s their story I was interested in. It was like they were completely forgotten about.

The romance between Shaye and Trace was really slow. There was a lot of tension (first 60% of the book). The first kiss was both hot and perverse and it wasn’t even between these H and h. And it didn’t help me like Trace because of how it went down (very unattractive). And the booty call made me feel cheated (between H and h). And then comes Dune and Sophie’s point of view, ending any interest I had with Shaye and Trace. I almost forgot about them until the story finally switched back to them for the HEA.

My family and I are big baseball and softball fans. My two younger sisters played softball (picture A League of Their Own) and I kept score (even got paid to do so for the city leagues). My younger cousins are currently play baseball. I also grew up with a 10% scoliosis curve (my left leg is a couple centimeters longer than my right). My middle sister has an S shaped scoliosis, but that didn’t stop her from being a good catcher for our high school softball team. Now at age 35, she’s still doing good with the help from chiropracters.

The baseball and scoliosis talk was getting on my nerves, along with the mood ring. Trace saying that the pitcher threw underhanded when Jeff was up to bat – underhand is softball. So it was insulting to hear that. What Jeff Cates has sounds like a very severe case of scoliosis – almost unbelievable.

And at the end… the terminology of “rundown” isn’t commonly said. It’s called a “pickle.” Didn’t the author watch the movie, The Sandlot? This movie is the 411 on baseball. In this book, it’s more common to go for the force out then the tag (which creates the pickle opportunity). Either way the player is forced to advance while staying in the runner’s line.

I doubt if I would read this again. And I’m not interested in reading No Strings Attached (Barefoot William, book 2). Dune and Sophie are 10 years apart. Sophie summed it up with calling her feelings a “Hero-worship.”

In all, this is a seriously choppy romance story.


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