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Silent Sunday Nights & Oscar Micheaux

TCM Silent Sunday Nights apr2016

Silent Sunday Nights

TCM channel tonight’s theme is Silent Sunday Nights and tonight they are airing two Oscar Micheaux films (1919’s Within Our Gates and 1921’s The Symbol of the Unconquered). They are both Black and White Silent Films. Oscar Micheaux “was an (African) American author, film director and independent producer of more than 44 films” (Wikipedia). He is also considered as the first major African American Film Maker. And according to the U.S. Library of Congress, Within Our Gates is “the earliest known surviving feature film directed by an African American.”  This should be a good film viewing.

The copy for Within Our Gates was one of those Lost Films and mysteriously found much later on (1990’s at the Spanish Film Archive in Madrid). It also had a lot of controversy with the Censor Committee and some others because of one scene “in which a black man is lynched by a white mob” (TCM).

It looks like a good film so far. The YouTube video’s music is different than the music from the TCM viewing. It could be because the two have been recopied by different companies. The one from the Library of Congress is more softer with a piano note. The YouTube video has a more dramatic note with string notes.

Here’s the YouTube video >>

It’s a little hard to follow so far. It looks like two women who are in love with one man (I think). And then there’s a scene where a guy asks one of the ladies (in white) to marry him, but alas she’s spoken for by the man she’s accepted to through letters (“snail-mail”). Next we are introduced to the detective who is sent a notice of a man that is a possible bad guy. And it looks like he follows that man to a building where the ladies are and some other men. While the women are taking a nap, the men play poker, but then there’s a shooting because one of the players is a cheater.

Dogs - Peanut and Newton

And that’s what has been happening so far within the first 10 minutes of the Silent Film. I suppose it doesn’t help matters that I’ve been watching this on YouTube and now on the TCM recording in between viewing some old TV shows on our DVR. And also I’ve been watching over my cousins dog while she goes out to eat with friends for the night. The last night that they are here for their visit and my dog Peanut has finally accepted that her dog Newton can be her friend. Well, of course Peanut is still jealous if I or other family members gives Newton attention and not her. But other than that these two have become somewhat friends I think. It’s pretty cute.

And so a some what friendship has been formed.

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