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TGIF April 15th

Hockey Snoopy


It’s sports mayhem tonight!

#AnaheimDucks #PaintItOrange

#AnaheimDucks #PaintitOrange

The Hockey Stanley Cup Playoffs started on Wednesday and tonight’s game is Anaheim Ducks vs Nashville Predators. I’m really hoping that this year will be the time that the Ducks win the Stanley Cup. It’s been a nerve racking game. The Anaheim Ducks really had me nervous in the First Period. But now the Second Period is on and the Ducks are playing great! #GoDucks
Gah! Curse you Nashville Predators. The game is tied up again.

Jackie Robinson

#AnaheimAngels #42 #JackieRobinson

And though baseball season has already started weeks ago, tonight’s games is pretty special. On April 15th Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. To honor him, every baseball team is wearing the number 42. Jackie was such an all around athlete. My Gramps remembers when he was playing for UCLA college teams. He said that Jackie lettered in baseball, football, basketball, and track and field.

Too bad Anaheim Angels didn’t win their game tonight. It was a close game though.

Currently Reading

Ok sorry about that whole Sports gushing. I’m still really excited about the Anaheim Ducks game right now.

Castle Rackrent - Maria Edgeworth

So here’s what I’ve been working on reading lately…

I’ve finished reading Castle Rackrent by Maria Edgeworth this week. And with that I think my reading slump is over. It really feels good to finally finish reading a book when I’m in a slump.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen - Bantam Classics

Also I’m about 93% done rereading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

I’m really happy now with my reading progress, so I’m just focusing on the books that I’ll soon be able to finish reading and then it’s on to reading those other books I started reading too (from two weeks ago).


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