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Monday Mayhem Apr 18th

Charlie Brown Monday

Monday Mayhem

Ahh Monday. Ok week, bring it on. Let’s see what this week has planned out for me, shall we? I’m just hoping to get a chance to do some more reading and some “Me Time.” So hopefully this week won’t be chaotic. *knocks on wood.

Snap out of it Moonstruck

I’m still recovering from my favorite hockey teams loss last night. I am seriously tempted to go to the players and give them a Cher slapping with the “Snap out of it!” comment (thinking of Moonstruck here. Great movie). Seriously boys! So I don’t need more drama thanks to the intense games that the Anaheim Ducks have put me through. But I’m still cheering for you guys non the less. #GoDucks

Let's Go Ducks

Ok. Here’s what is going on this week (besides my hope that the Ducks start winning!)

Owl Crate

Owl Crate February

I’ve succumbed the desire to subscribing for an Owl Crate for just this once. It was their February pictures that got me interested, and now for April they have some nice preview pictures for their Dystopian theme.

It’s my first book subscription to these guys and I’ll see how I like my first”crate” before making a decision on what kind of subscription I want. They seriously need some sort of bargain or something for people like me that will subscribe for just the one month and make up their mind later. Scratch that. I just noticed that you can buy the past boxes without subscribing, I didn’t even have to register on that much hated PayPal site. So I got December’s box for 20% off ($6 bucks off or so actually).

And now it looks like I’ll be expecting two “Owl Crates” pretty soon.

Blogging Events and Challenges

Well first I’m going to try to catch up on some of those lovely posts people have tagged me to. I’m hoping to get a lot of those done this week so stay tuned for that.

And here is those Blogging Events and such that I’m interested in that have started.

Brooding About the Brontës

Brooding About the Brontes

When? April 18th (now) to April 24th.

Who? Brooding About the Brontës is a week event hosted by Girl with her head in a book. Sign up post is available here. The full announcement and the 411 information is here.

What? This blogger is doing this event as a sort of dedication to the Brontë sisters, similar to something like Austen in August or something. She has set the time during Charlotte Brontë‘s 200th Birthday celebration. And here is what the blogger hopes people do for this event (besides singing up here and here).

“I am hoping that people will review Brontë-related books, have Brontë-related discussions and in general just have a good brood along with me about what it was that made their writing so amazing.”

And here’s the first day plans:

Day 1 – April 18th (today)
Daily Topic: Why do you love the Brontës?
Introduction Post by Girl with her head in a bookThe Bronte myth.

And so stay tuned for my Brooding About the Brontës post. (I’ll add the link later right here).

Brooding About the Brontes


Once Upon a Time X

Once Upon a Time X

When? March 21st to June 21st.

Who? This “Quest” is hosted Carl by Stainless Steel Droppings.

What? This challenge has been a slow start for me. I have only reviewed one thing for this and that was Rewatching The Wizard of Oz. I did make plans for what I want to read here (with re-reading the Harry Potter books the big tbr list).

Here’s more info about the challenge:

“This is a reading and viewing and gaming event that encompasses four broad categories: Fairy Tale, Folklore, Fantasy and Mythology, including the seemingly countless sub-genres and blending of genres that fall within this spectrum.”

It looks like there’s many sort of goals that can be done for this. I’m hoping to at least read one or more books and of course I’ll be viewing a lot of  stuff too. And he requests that we post our reviews here.

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