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TBR Tuesday & Harry Potter Read-Along


TBR Tuesday

So I promised on my last Sunday post to announce what my next To-Be-Read book will be on today’s post, and here we are. Besides reading some Bronte poetry for this Blogathon event, here’s what else I have planned for this month…

Harry Potter Read-Along

Michelle Book Addict Harry Potter Read-Along.jpg

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#HarryPotterReadAlong #MichelleBookAddict (and also there’s #ReadtheMagic) (and here on my blog)

When? This Friday, April 22nd.

Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone JK Rowling

Whats the book? Now that the Harry Potter books are so famous, all that it takes to describe the character now is with three symbols, the color burgundy red, a lighting, and a pair of glasses. There has been so many reviews and thoughts put into this book and movie series now, and I have even posted some of my thoughts after re-reading the books for the umpteenth time (book 1, book 5, book 7).

I am not sure how many times I have re-read this book series, and finding some new way to re-read it has become a little more difficult. I have listened to the audio books read by Jim Dale twice now (or so that’s what my iTunes player says).

What’s the plan? Books vs Movies: Comparing the movie to the books. Now that all the movies are out there on tv, cable, blu-ray, streaming, it’s a little easier to watch that film and to compare it with the books. So that’s the plan, to read the books and compare them to the movies.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

What is the schedule? Starting on Friday, April 22nd, I will be posting my reading progress, Topic Questions, and what movie I’m currently watching. My reading posts are typically Friday, Sunday, and Tuesdays. You may add your comment to my posts or create your own posts on your blog and link them onto my posts in the comments.

Who’s joining? This is my first Read-Along, and I thought since I’m already looking forward to reading and watching the movies, then maybe others will too. You are all invited to either read the books or watch the movies or both with me. Book or Movie, which ever one. I will still be discussing about both of them in my posts.

Sign up Here:

Or Sign Up for the Read-Along by just leaving a comment below.


You can follow my reading progress (and others) through Social Media: Twitter

#HarryPotterReadAlong #MichelleBookAddict (and also there’s #ReadtheMagic)


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    1. No worries. I just learned that any events I’ll have in the future I will need to give everyone advanced notice. Like a month or so.


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