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Throwback Thursday Reviews

tbt Throwback Thursday book

Throwback Thursday Reviews

My Thursday meme so that I can post those Older Reviews.

This book review is from a June 2013 read.

Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

5 of of 5 stars ★ and a favorite ♥♥

“Youth is still where you left it, and that’s where it should stay. Anything that was worth taking on life’s journey, you’ll already have taken with you.”

Wedding Date by Sophie Kinsella

I absolutely loved this book. I loved both Lottie and Fliss’s life. I think this is Sophie Kinsella‘s first book with 2 character’s point of view (both sisters). And normally I don’t feel connected to the divorced-single-mom. But Fliss’s bitterness, etc., over the divorce was quiet realistic. And Lottie. Well I agree (slight spoiler) that one should never try to return to their youth times. And I laughed out loud quite a bit at some of the “honeymoon from hell” scenes.

A really good Kinsella book. I think it’s (maybe) better then I’ve Got Your Number.

Also, in regard to this book being contemporary fiction, well… it’s Sophie Kinsella and Brit humor. This may be a rom-com, but Sophie tries her best to help her readers relate to the characters. Sometimes she goes to the extreme of today’s woman cough Shopaholic but these stand alone books are good.

Wedding Night also has me thinking what it would be like to revisit some of my youth favorite vacation spots. There’s places that I’ve enjoyed so much that I’ll tell others that it’s a must to add to places to go and see. So now I’m questioning what it would be like to go back to those places. And how much the place has changed as well as myself.

Leo Carrillo Beach Cave

Questions of how much I have changed since the last time I’ve been there and if the place has changed at all. Even childhood camping places because we’re still telling people about them. Like Leo Carrillo State Beach in California. We love that place when we were kids. Camping and swimming at the ocean… such fun. What would it be like to revisit it? Hmmmm…


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