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Harry Potter Read-Along: Topic Q #2

Michelle Book Addict Harry Potter Read-Along

Harry Potter Read-Along (or Watch-Along)

On Tuesday’s TBR post, I announced that I was going to start a Harry Potter Read-Along. How long will this event last? Well, I’m hoping that it would be about a week, and to do at least one or so of the books and movies (I read slow because life gets in the way).

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#HarryPotterReadAlong #MichelleBookAddict (and also there’s #ReadtheMagic).

Topic Question#1 was on Friday’s posts post here. And so here is Questions#2. Be sure to either posts your thoughts in the comments below, or add your link to the blog in the comments.

Topic Questions #2

Harry Potter quote wizard

“Harry — yer a wizard.” – Hagrid.

Harry Potter was 11 years old when he first met Hagrid, who told him what he really we, a Wizard.

The Question I have for everyone is who would you be in Harry Potter’s world, a Witch or Wizard, or a Muggle (non magical person)?

Tell us in your blog or in the comments below. Who are you really?

And according to the books, it’s best to know if you would be a Pure-Blood Wizard, Half-Blood, or Muggle-Born?

Now, according to Albus Dumbledore, The Weasley family, and Hagrid, etc, what’s in your blood never mattered. But growing up could have some influence.

“The pure-blood families are all interrelated. If you’re only going to let your sons and daughters marry pure-bloods your choice is very limited; there are hardly any of us left.”
Sirius Black‘s overview of blood purity

Harry Potter and Malfoy Family

Like Draco Malfoy who grew up from a “Pure-Blood” family who has been influenced to high achievements and prejudice, though there’s Sirius Black who rebelled against all that. And also the Weasley family who don’t care at all about success or their bloodlines. And James Potter, The Longbottoms, Alastor Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt are other Pure-Bloods like the Weasley family.

Seamus Finnigan in Harry Potter

“Most wizards these days are half-blood anyway. If we hadn’t married Muggles we’d’ve died out.”
Ron Weasley discussing blood purity

And then there’s the Half-Bloods, like Harry Potter, Seamus Finnigan (who’s mother gave the father a “nasty shock” when he learned that he married a Witch), and if I were to go one I would be giving away some spoilers I think (Half-Blood Prince).

“Lots of people had come from Muggle families and, like him, hadn’t had any idea that they were witches and wizards. There was so much to learn that even people like Ron didn’t have much of a head start.”
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter - Hermione books

And then there’s the Muggle-Born Wizards and Witches. Harry Potter‘s biggest worry was that since he grew up with Muggles, and never knew what he really was, then he would have a lot of trouble at the Wizard school of Hogwarts . But yet, Lily Potter and Hermione Granger have proved that one can do quite well without growing up with the knowledge of be a witch, compared to those that have.

So let’s here it. Who would you be? And why?

Myself I would be a Witch, and probably from a Muggle-Born family. I have dressed up as a witch countless times now for Halloween, and the Muggle-Born bit is because Hermione Granger is my favorite character.

Again, be sure to add your comments or link up your blog posts in the comments below.

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