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TGIF & Captain America

Snoopy TGIF


Awe Friday. Definitely TGIF time. I had a busy week so I’m quite happy that it’s the weekend. So here’s what’s kept me from reading my tbr books.

Captain America

Saw Captain America: Civil War  this morning and wow. It was really worth seeing at the big screen IMAX theaters. I went in being a #TeamCaptianAmerica fan, but after seeing more of Sebastian Stan, I’m more of a #TeamBucky fan now. Sorry Cap. I still love you too, just not as much anymore.

Captain America Civil War
I have been working on posting my reviews sooner, so I will be posting my review for Captain America soon. Maybe by this weekend, without spoilers because it’s a fresh movie and I myself wasn’t reading any reviews before I saw this movie, so I know how it is.

Captain America Civil War

I’m on #TeamCaptainAmerica and #TeamBucky Which side are you on? Who is your favorite superheroes?

(Other Stuff)

Since I’ve had my new iPhone 6s, I’ve been playing around working on #PhotoChallenges (and learning about all the tags). I’ve also been able to do screen pictures lately too, like these…

Instagram @MichelleBookAddict

Instagram @MichelleBookAddict

Which happens to be two pictures that have seemed to be receiving the most attention on my Instagram @MichelleBookAddict. I have also found to other challenges, besides #AlyssaandBrookeMay16 they are #MayBooksBeRead16 and #TLOMayBookChallenge

So far it’s been fun playing around with my phone and it’s camera. I have been working on my tbr reading a little but still not as much as I would like. I don’t think I’m in a reading slump right now, just easily distracted. Can you blame me?

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