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Silent Sunday Nights & Mom’ Day

TCM Silent Sunday Nights

Silent Sunday Nights

Mockery 1927

TCM channel airs Silent Films on their Sunday Silent Nights theme. Tonight they’re showing a film from 1927 called Mockery, starring Lon Chaney (Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923, Phantom of the Opera 1925).

“A rare screening of Benjamin Christensen‘s Mockery (1927) offers a wonderful opportunity to see a Chaney performance less reliant upon a frightening visage: Sergei, an uneducated Siberian peasant.” (From the TCM article).

I’ll be watching this after the last episode of The Good Wife. Really interested to see whether or not Governor Florrick is found guilty or not. So far we’re liking the farewell, though my mom didn’t like the ending (she’s ahead of Gramps and I because we are watching it later in order to fast forward those commercials).

The Good Wife

Here is the rest of my Silent Sunday Night…

Starting off with sleeping late this morning, today has been a day of leisure. I have been quite busy with cleaning and such this weekend so having this call day has helped.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mothers Day HP Molly Weasley

My family and I did go out for an early dinner today and then back home for some family time. I think my mom’s favorite time today was when my niece wanted my sister and mom to throw pillows at her while she ran by them. She really had some energy after the dinner that she needed up tiring out everyone. It was really cute, especially hearing her giggling the entire time.

And Peguin Random House also listed their opinion on “16 Worst Mothers in Books.” I have only read 1 of those books and watched 5 of the films. My greatest surprise is that they have Mrs. Bennett at number 3 of 16.

I have already posted my favorite Mother Characters so take a look. I had fun making up that list.

Hope you all have had a good weekend.

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