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Wazzup Wednesday May 11th


Wazzup Wednesday

A Wednesday meme of mine to give a shout out of all the things I’ve liked or what not from the past week.


Wazzup Instagram?

So my Instagram at @MichelleBookAddict has been fun lately. Here’s one of the of my most recent pictures that I had fun making and have 52 likes so far. And no these books didn’t topple over onto my dog…

Peanut and a Book Tower


Wazzup Target?

After my last goodie box from Owl Crates, I have been looking at other cheap goodie boxes. My latest box had just arrived this week and I got 3 of them. The Target Beauty Box. Two of them for Mother’s Day gifts for my mom and sister. My box arrived a day after their’s did but that’s fine, I suppose the mailman didn’t have enough space to carry three of these around at once. Now I wouldn’t say that Target is my favorite store but I do go there often. As for the box, there’s lots of sample goodies.

Target Beauty Box


Wazzup Physical Therapy time?

My Physical Therapy for my back problems starts this Friday. On Friday the 13th no less. I’m a little nervous about these sessions because I know that I’m out of shape right now due to the fact that I haven’t been to the gym on a regular basis for months now.

RevofKindness Challenge

Wazzup Acts of Kindness?

On Monday the Kindess challenge has started. So far my personal act of kindness has been going just ok. I haven’t been able to do too much pampering this week, though I suppose getting that Beauty Box and doing the Physical Therapy is something.


Wazzup @ this blog?

I got a lot of comments yesterday for my TBR Tuesday post and I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by to leave their thoughts.

Wow, so as you can see I’ve had a little bit of a busy week. How has your week gone?

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