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Throwback Thursday Reviews May 12th

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Throwback Thursday Reviews

A Thursday theme of mine here where I’ve been posting some of my old reviews.

This week’s review is from November 2013 (Amazon review). I read this book from my library’s kindle books. And because I like Simon Pegg, I also borrowed the overdrive audiobook too. In this case I read with both of them to see if the audiobook was indeed an abridged edition and what was left out.

Am I the only one that listens to the audiobooks while reading the book too (paperback or kindle, etc)?


Nerd Do Well (2010) by Simon Pegg

4 stars★

Audiobook abridged read by Simon Pegg

4.5 stars★

Need do Well by Simon Pegg

I listened to the audiobook. I know it had to be abridged because it’s 4 hours, 50 minutes. I think if I had read this, I wouldn’t have been able to finish it. The reason being because when he talks about his past, nice stories as they were, it was rather slow and dull hearing about it. I think Simon even found it dull. It seemed that he was more excited about talking his futuristic spy story than his life story (his voice volume changed a bit). I think I liked that more myself. Canterbury (Simon’s robot friend/ butler) was my favorite. And I really liked how future spy Simon and Canterbury would argue.

Simon Pegg only offers a little glimpse of his life, mostly his childhood and young life. He tells where his passion for George Lucas‘s films began. How he felt about going to see the Star Wars movies on the big screens. And it was all nice stuff to hear about his obsession for zombies. I liked hearing about that but would’ve liked to have learned more about his movies. I did like his comments about when he was given the chance to star in the Star Trek movies. But then every now and then his biography would change to a fictional story. So sometimes it was hard to keep track of both stories.

In all I think his short audiobook was pretty good.

One thought on “Throwback Thursday Reviews May 12th

  1. You’re definitely not the only one who listens to books while reading them! I don’t do it with every book, or even most, but if I really get into a book on Audible and can’t continue to listen to it (say, because I am at home and Paul doesn’t want to hear it while he sleeps or watches TV), I’ll then go get the Kindle version so I can read it while he is sleeping or watching TV. Once I have both, I just switch between them as necessary to finish up!

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