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Silent Sunday Nights May 15th

TCM Silent Sunday Nights

Silent Sunday Nights

Since I’ve been following Turner Classic Movie channel  more lately I have found some themes that I liked. Tonight is Silent Sunday Nights on TCM with Silent Films. Tonight is an oldie and a long one, about 3 and a half hours long. It’s the 1923 La Roue film by filmmaker Abel Gance. I’m currently watching that as I type this out (on my new phone). So far the best parts has been the written stuff, though the scene of the image on the violin was good.

La Roue

I think I like watching these late at night now in order to lull me to sleep. I think it’s the music and the black and white video that does it.

So here is what my Silent Sunday Night and weekend has been like…


Just recently purchased and watched Deadpool today. It was pretty funny. He is definitely not the typical hero, or anti-hero for that. I think I liked the jokes about Hugh Jackman and Wolverine the most. I had some good giggles there.

I am hoping to work on the review soon (along with the Captain America movie).



RevofKindness Challenge

So I suppose getting the movie and that Target Beauty box was a big highlight of my personal kindness goal this week. As for other things that I did, I think I have been less stressful this week and it’s a small relief.

The other act of kindness is that my mom and I cleared the kitchen cupboards of old food for the needy. She says that giving to those less fortunate should help us feel good that we are able to help others out. I wish she would tell that to my bank account. But it was good in the end I suppose.

Plus this much needed quiet Sunday night was very much called for.

Sock Sunday & My Niece

Sock Sunday May 15

I had to babysit for my niece on Saturday night for what she calls a sleepover. Had fun pretending to act like Stat Wars people  and using The Force while playing catch. Those little things are so great.

How was your weekend?

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