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Monday Mayhem May 16

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Monday Mayhem

Peanut and Book Crown

It’s the middle of the week here and I have yet to finish a dang book for this month. Ugghhh! Seriously disappointed in myself right now. I have set my goal now to do some reading whenever I can now. So I apologize if these posts have gotten shorter and that I haven’t visited that many sites that I follow as often as I have before.

My Plans?


With this weeks plans I am definitely hoping to get more reading. But I have a feeling that life is going to mess with that this week. I have started some Spring Cleaning this weekend, it’s much needed because I think my niece is following my example in having a messy bedroom. During my last visit at my sister’s house, I could barely walk in my 5 year old niece’s bedroom. So yes, it’s time for me to get some cleaning done. So far I can walk around 4 small places in my room: bed, dresser, bookshelf, and closet. But there’s an island of stuff in the middle.


RevofKindness Challenge

Thanks to the Kindness challenge I have been working on some personal kindness towards myself this past week. I have had some me time and some relaxing days. I was hoping to get a mani-pedicure but I’ll have to settle for a hair appointment with my Aunt. She owns her own salon and she’s been cutting my hair since I was a babe. I am super grateful for her because my hair is super thick and hard to manage. So much to that I prefer to have short hair. Plus she’ll be coloring my hair as well.

So for the second week of this challenge we need to observe acts of kindness from others. My aunt is one of those people.

What are your plans for the week?

Oh and then there’s catching up with my tv shows. Oh boy what a week.

Snoopy and Charlie Brown tv

6 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem May 16

  1. I’ve been having a bad reading month too! Last month I went above my normal this month it seems like I can’t get anything completly read in a good amount of time. Good luck on finding something maybe grab an old favorite and re-read to get you out of your “slump” 😀

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