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Wazzup Wednesday May 18th


Wazzup Wednesday

A Wednesday post of a few things I liked from throughout the week.

Wazzup with my Instagram?

Instagram Peanut and The Martian

My picture this week because Peanut was being so photogenic. And it has the most likes so far from this week (54).

I’ve been doing a lot of pictures for my Instagram account lately (@MichelleBookAddict). The first thing I’ve noticed is that the whole following thing is very superficial. So if you want me to follow you just to get the popularity numbers then don’t bother trying your act with me. I have now become very choosy with those that I follow now. As for liking (or heart in the Instagram case) I am not that picky about that. But really people?!

Wazzup Star Wars?

With the previews of the upcoming Star Wars coming here is a couple of Star Wars videos that I’ve liked from this week. I don’t think that they are too much related to Rogue One, maybe.

The Star Wars Show


Wazzup Boba Fett?

This is from 2015. I’m not sure how true this is to what the Star Wars filmmakers will be doing but thanks to the Star Wars Archive on Instagram I just now noticed this.

Wazzup Angry Birds?

Their movie is coming to theaters this weekend. Are you ready? My niece sure is.

What fun stuff have you noticed this past week?


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