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Monday Mayhem and 500 Followers

Monday Daffy Duck

Monday Mayhem

Oh how things fly by when you’re not paying attention. I thought I’d get caught up with all you lovely people who have left comments on my blog. I started that Friday night and it’s now Monday night. This weekend has flown by quick. Heck this year is going by quick.



500?! Wow! Thank you thank you thank you!!!


Today I now have past another blogging milestone. This blog has now reached 500 followers today. I started this blog back in October of last year. It’s been something for me to discuss about my love for books. Now it’s expanded to my love for movies.

Recently I’ve been blogging almost every day. For a while it’s because I’ve wanted to so that I can express all those things that I love. Now it’s been a little difficult in catching up. I missed my Sunday post yesterday and I haven’t even posted some other monthly topics I’ve liked (Kindle First month books, Artist Monthly Spotlight, etc).

Thank you to all who have followed, liked, or commented on my blog. Thank you.

A New Me

Thanks to Aunt, I’ve got a new look that I am loving. So for maybe the first time on my blog (I think?), here’s a selfie.

Michelle new me

RevofKindness Challenge

This kind of coincides with the second week of the Kindness challenge in which we should be observing acts of kindness by other people. My Aunt is one of those people. Though she has been cutting my hair since I was a very young kid, she still is cutting and styling my hair for me. This last haircut has been a big confidence booster for me. Ya sure I’m overweight some still and I drive my mom crazy sometimes still (like right now with the dinner dishes still in the sink untouched). But this haircut and hair color has made me feel good about myself. And being that my bank account is a bit low right now, my Aunt’s free haircut is something that I am very thankful for. And she still wants to take care of my very thick hair, even after joking during the haircut about how if she had to work on my hair any longer she’d get vertigo. Thanks Auntie.

My Week Plans

Besides catching up with my blogging posts, I have other things happening also. For one, tomorrow is another Physical Therapy day for my back problems. It’ll be an hour drive to a VA facility just for a half hour appointment. I wish that I can find something closer.

The Martian and Sock Sunday

And I have to thank Harry Potter for helping me out of my reading slump. I have finally finished a book this month with rereading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I am no reading The Martian by Andy Weir and it’s a coincidence that Mars has just lined up during what NASA calls Mars Opposition. A time when Mars is supposed to look bigger and brighter every two years. What a coincidence. (That little speck by the moon in the picture is Mars).

Mars Opposition

How’s my reading with The Martian? Pretty good so far. I started it last week and I’m amazed that I’m at the halfway point of the book. It’s been a funny and suspenseful read so far. And the desire to catch up with my mom’s reading process in the book has been a good motivator too.

What are your plans for this week?

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