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Wazzup Wednesday May 25th


Wazzup Wednesday

Another Wednesday meme of mine here where I can list off a few things I liked from this week.

Wazzup Towel Day?

Towel Tuesday and National Wine Day

Today is Towel Day. A day to celebrate Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. I’ve read three of those books so far and have loved them. They’ve been such fun reads. Also the audiobooks have been a great listen.

And Wazzup National Wine Day?

I’m currently drinking some Pinot Noir. I do like Chardonnay too. What wines do you prefer?

Wazzup May 25th?

There are a few things happening today. The most notable is probably the fact that Star Wars opened on this date in 1977 (special Star Wars YouTube show today with Chewbacca’s Mom). And then there’s the Glorious Revolution from Terry Pratchett‘s Discworld. I do love Star Wars, Discworld is on my tbr, but I mentioned Hitchhiker’s Guide┬ábecause I’m currently on book 4 in the series, So Long and Thanks For All the Fish.

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