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Throwback Thursday Reviews: Carol Snow

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Throwback Thursday Reviews

A Thursday theme of mine here where I’ve been posting some of my old reviews.

This week is from a book I read and reviewed back in February 2014.

Getting Warmer by Carol Snow

Getting Warmer by Carol Snow

Getting Warmer in Arizona 4 out of 5 stars ★

Natalie Quakenbush is a quirky character. Even her last name is odd and is even picked on by her students behind her back (though she still knows about it). It’s a cute chick lit romance. It was just a little predictable. What I liked about this was that it centered more around the main character, Natalie. She’s 29 and fearing turning 30 (wasn’t so long ago I had those days, and my youngest sister just passed that. Made fun saying that she’s now 3 decades old).

The description of Natalie’s teaching classes was a little hard to picture. They were all different age classes (freshman – senior high school). Plus the class schedules changed around too much to follow. Some of the high school kids I liked, but I felt that Natalie was very judgemental of all her students (not just the one kid who she thought was Satan’s spawn).

Some of the lies Natalie and her friends come up with while bar hopping is funny. And some I probably would’ve used to keep the guys I didn’t like away. Except Natalie lied too much to strangers and so she lies to a potential boyfriend.

I really liked the author’s description of Arizona. I felt like I was really there, heat and all. Looking forward to reading other books by Carol Snow.

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