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Throwback Thursday Reviews May 2nd

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Throwback Thursday Reviews

A Thursday theme of mine here where I’ve been posting some of my old reviews.

This week is from a book I read and reviewed in January 2014.

Mr. Darcy Forever by Victoria Connelly

Mr Darcy Forever by Victoria Connelly

(Austen Addicts series: Book 3)

3 out of 5 stars ★

This is the third Austen Addicts book in the series. I read the previous book Dreaming of Mr. Darcy and liked it. I attempted at reading this in 2013. But I wasn’t enjoying it and decided to temporarily set it aside for later. I do have a habit of reading a chapter or two and then stopping to read something else. But I do try to get back to the book.

I had read about 25% of Mr. Darcy Forever before stopping though. And now that I got back to reading it, I recall why. There was a character that I just didn’t like (and still didn’t like so much at the end). And not only does this book have two points of views (the sisters), but it also jumps around in timeline too. So that didn’t help me get into the book as much as the 2nd book in the series did. But I kept with the story and luckily it picked up. Lots of drama and mishaps but it was an enjoyable ending.

The story line is a good one. About two sisters that were once very close who are both going to an annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England. And in between the two sister’s point of views, the story moves back 3 years to their time spent at Barton Cottage, in Devon, England. Connelly’s description of the festival and the house had me wishing I could go there. Once I got over the long beginning and my dislike of one of the sisters (Sarah) the story picked up (I think about 35% into the book). After that there was a lot of festival events and lots of drama (like Mia slapping someone at the Pump Room restaurant).

It’s true that this book read like a soup opera story (drama and nagging best friend looking for gossip). There was some romance, but I felt it wax more an after thought as there wasn’t that much. Granted the festival only happens for a few days over the weekend, but there could’ve been more development for the character’s romance. I did like the interaction between Mus Castle and Gabe Sanders, but I would’ve loved to see more between them. And then the ending was wrapped up very quickly but I did like how it happened. I also loved Gabe and the Mr. Darcy wet t-shirt contest.

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