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June Movie Challenge Day 1 to 3

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June Movie Photo Challenge

i was tagged by Getting Through Anxiety to do her movie photo challenge. Here’s Days 1 to 3.

June Movie Challenge Days 1 to 3

#junemoviechallenge Day 1 to 3:
Day 1 #summermovie – A League of Their Own.

Day 2 #favoritecomedy – The Princess Bride. (more of a #romcom and well other stuff too. But in all a #greatfilm !).

Day 3 #horrorfilm – Close Encounters of the Third Kind. (saw it when I was very young. Spooked me enough to still give me nightmares despite the sound translation part at the end).

I tag all those movie addicts and those who want to participate.

8 thoughts on “June Movie Challenge Day 1 to 3

  1. Not sure if they still do it or not, but if you visit Devil’s Tower (Wyoming) they used to play Close Encounters on an outdoor screen with Devil’s Tower in the background… Talk about freaky!

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