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TBR Tuesday June 7th


TBR Tuesday

Peanut and Jane Eyre

My reading schedule is still out of yak this month. I am trying to reread the Harry Potter books and the other tbr books, but life is getting in the way. Monday night my Gramps had to be taken to the hospital because his blood sugar level was dangerously low. Very low. He doesn’t remember most of that night, but as soon as his blood sugar was stable he started feeling a better. He currently is feeling a lot better, while my mom and I have been catching up on our sleep after that sleepless night.

At least I have nights like these and a sweetheart pet to help me with my reading mood.

Harry Potter and sunset

What’s your favorite reading spots?

20 thoughts on “TBR Tuesday June 7th

  1. ·My bed
    ·My big chair
    ·Or out on the balcony

    It’s good to read your Grandfather is feeling better and that you guys are catching up on some much needed sleep.

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    1. Thank you. With my busy schedule lately I’ve even started reading with my iPhone. Wish I had some nice views from my bedroom window. I’ll just have to read outside for those views.

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  2. I’m glad to hear your grandfather is feeling better!! Also, I have to say that my parents’ dog looks just like yours. 🙂 I don’t exactly have a reading spot but I do like to read in bed.

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    1. Oh and Peanut and just love finding little “cousins”. It’s one of the few times when she’ll start acting like she’s a little younger than her 13 yo self.

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 He has been doing a lot better with his blood sugar diabetes, now just need to get over this cold and lung infection.


    1. Thank you. He’s been doing better. I usually fall asleep after an hour or so. I blame it on my dog for snoring (she sleeps with me).


    1. He’s been doing better with his diabetes. Also helped that he talked to his doctor about what’s been going on. Old people just don’t like visiting their doctors unless it’s something that’s mortally wrong. Good grief.

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