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August Wrap Up


August Wrap Up of 2019

I have been on an amazing reading pace lately. This year I have read 33 books so far. I was reading a lot in June and July because of a reading challenge at my library. I was able to finish 6 books each month. I haven’t been making reading to-be-read (tbr) lists and have made a 2 books read for my goal. This has helped out a lot.

I have read 8 books in August! 8!!! So thrilled that I have read so many. The genres is mixed. I have been trying to read some light reads for the Summertime and that’s made my reading pace go by even quicker.

So with no further ado, here’s the 8 books I’ve read:


Buddy Reads (they really helped keep me motivated to read!):

  1. Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff 5 stars read with #ReadGushError.
    Loved The Illuminae Files books!!! These authors are both new to me and I really liked their writing styles. Illumina, Gemina and Obsidio are great suspenseful books and I really loved this unique style for the books. Truly one of a kind.
  2. My (Not So) Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella  4.5 stars read with @ReadWellCommunity
    I love Sophie Kinsella. This book was fun to read. Maybe a little predictable but still fun. I learned about what “Glamping”(camping in style) and “Yurts” (big tents) is. Love reading Brit Lit books and finding new things. It was fun chatting about this book with @ReadWellCommunity on Instagram.


Favorites I recommend:

  1. The Lovecraft’s Compendium by H.P. Lovecraft 5 stars heart
    This special edition has 5 of Lovecraft’s short stories, including The Call of Cthulhu.
  2. Well Met by Jen DeLuca 5 stars heart edition from @BookOfTheMonth
    I absolutely loved this book!!! I really liked the characters and Simon is my new Book Boyfriend. The story line was perfect for the summer and I wish that I could go to a Renaissance Faire like the characters did.


Romance books for fun:

  1. Weasley James Ruined My Life by Jennifer Honeybourn 4 stThe ars
    Cute young adult romance comedy book. I bought this on my Kindle a while ago because the title and book cover looked cute. Not disappointed.
  2. Second Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis 4 stars
    Adult romance with some juicy scenes… and the characters were ok. Was glad that this was a library book as it isn’t something I would have kept.
  3. Happy Every After by Nora Roberts 3 stars
    I pushed myself to finish this book. I read the 2nd book of The Bride Quartet first. Then I read the first book and like that. The third book was ok. This finale for the series was mediocre at it’s best. I was bored with the characters and started skimming past the redundancies. The last half of the book was it’s Saving Grace, even with it’s ridiculousness and predictable happily ever after.
  4. The Stand-In Boyfriend by Emma Doherty 4 stars
    This was such a cute young adult romcom. Really liked the characters. I’ll look for more by this author. I was supper glad I finally found a good quick book to read using the Kindle Unlimited.

And that’s all folks. Always good to find books and friends that help keep me wanting to read. I love books. It’s my favorite thing and talking about them is such fun.

What books have you read this month? I’d love to know about them.