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I will be focusing the Addict blog on Books and Movies (and some music too). I love to read and I am not immediately prejudice to seeing films that are based on the books. Apples and Oranges I say. All other gibberish will go on My Words blog.

Good Men are Fictional
(Quote: Austenland by Shannon Hale)

I’m 39. gahh! But then, I only feel younger when I am playing with my 5 y.o. niece.

My nickname is Shell… sisters called me that when I was young, then my cousins and now my 2 rug rat nieces call me Shell. And now a new addition to the bunch is a sweet nephew.

I was in the US Navy for 4 years honorably (’03 to ’07 and stationed on the USS Boxer). It was an amazing adventure. I got to visit 8 countries for a very short time. If it weren’t for my passion in reading though, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through those very long deployments.

My family loves reading so I have been influenced by them. Along with enjoying books and movies, I like all other forms of art. Books and Movies has always been a passion. I love the classics the most: I.e. Classic Gothic Romance, and some Jane Austen and contemporary. I also enjoy 21st century contemporary lit. Brit lit romance is my favorite chick lit.

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102 thoughts on “About Michelle

  1. It’s very nice to meet you. My dad and brother was in the Navy. Thank you so much for your service! Books are so wonderful. I can’ say enough about them! I don’t get to read as much as I’d like. Looking forward to reading your posts. Take care Michelle. Cheers, Koko:)

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    1. Thank you for those kind words. This year my reading hasn’t been going that well because I’m in a bit of a reading slump. Also we can’t help it when life gets in the way right?


  2. Dear Michelle,

    Hey there, sailor (sailorette?) I wanted to thank you so much for your gracious and considerate looks at my blog site and I apologize for not returning the salute–have been so busy slamming content onto moviesalamark and arranging some personal affairs that I’ve had perishingly few moments to correspond. I like your set-up, and breezy manner of your commentary. GREAT way to style your movie reviews, with the time chart aspect (so to speak). Like you,I read a lot, mostly history and non-fiction, but I do have favorite fiction folk–Bernard Cornwell, James Lee Burke and others who I champion. A few summers ago I calculated the pages of pure text (cheating to count the index,etc.) I read over the summer and I’d somehow gotten through 15,000 pages, just eating books alive. Too busy with movie stuff of late (just got back on Netflix to catch-up on latest releases) to read too much, so I’m coasting my re-reading Cornwell’s glorious ‘Sharpe’ series.
    Again, many thanks for chiming in with your “likes”–it helps ! What I have not started is the marketing aspect, and I have yet to nerve up and start actively pushing my site. Have just been piling content. Talk later…gotta write…Cheers,Mark

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  3. Hi Michelle, can I ask you something? Is this primarily about entertainment? Collecting Ent from the New York Times is one of my leisure activities….last night we saw Ethan Hawke in “Born to be Blue” on Xfinity and it was worth the 7.99 it cost, truly. It makes a point that I see in musicians a lot, sometimes they play better when they are depressed, manic or high. You gotta see that movie. I ususally do an ent list weekly but this week I was really sick. Can I ask another question? Did you click the link all the way through to the actual article for bphope.com? I think I gave away the story in my promo and no one clicked to the story which is how my performance is judged.

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    1. It’s a bit of the Entertainment stuff. I review movies and books. Plus I love making lists of those books and movie favorites and such. Right now I’m working on reviewing the movie “Wizard of Oz” for a book adaptation Blogathon.

      The Ethan Hawke movie sounds interesting. He is a good actor. It seems like the Oscar and other awards have been giving Best Actor/ress awards for those that really go through the ringer emotionally and sometimes physically (Leo in “The Revenant”).

      I did click on your sight later on. I was expecting a poll to vote on but the article was good anyway


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