Around the World Book Club

Around the World

I am a moderator for a Shelfari Book Club called “Around the World“.  Us members of that group are very eclectic mix. We all have different opinions, let alone differences in what genres and books we like. The group reads random books and sometimes will give us a heads up if it’s focused in other countries. And our members are also from various countries so it makes for interesting feedback and more books added to our To-Be-Read lists. And new members are always welcome (that is if they are also a Shelfari member).

What our group has in common is my Monthly Challenges that I create for the group. So using my blog here, I shall share these challenges with others. group Around the World

2015 Challenges:

Octobers’ Challenge is The Unknown Horrors of October Challenge. Here is the blog link.

November’s Challenge is A Storm of a November Challenge. Here is the blog link.

December’s Challenge is Winter Holidays Challenge. Here is the blog link.