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Bout of Books Readathon

Bout of Books 19th Readathon

I’ve joined the Bout of Books Readathon. I was just going to post about it on Twitter, but it’s a good thing for my blog that the Hosts for the readathon is asking for a direct link rather than just my Instagram or Twitter home pages. So I’m taking this small break from my reading to post about this readathon. I’ve actually been enjoying this more than the other readathons because I’ve actually finished a book so far! I have been in a little reading slump in April because of some tremendous stress that I won’t go into detail about. But now I’m reading again and it’s feeling good.

My furbabby has been snoozing away as I’ve been reading. My reading goals have been to finish those books that I’ve started but never bothered to finish because I’m a mood reader and was in a reading slump. So I’ve now finished rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling. Next is North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell and Who’s That Girl? by Mhairi McFarlane. And there’s an entire pile of other physical books that I’ve started and never finished, plus the books on my kindle that I forgot to finish. Continue reading “Bout of Books Readathon”

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The Classics Club Challenge

classics club

The Classics Club Challenge

I’ve been working on reading more “classic” books for some time now. In my Twenties I read some classics but never enough I think. Now in my Thirties I have been reading a lot more books than before. In my lifetime I am pretty sure that I have read 56 books that are “classics.” Here’s a link for my list of those books if you would like to see them. What have I classified as a classic book is any book that has been published before the 21st century. When I have considered it that way my reading list has increased and there’s only been a few from the 1980s.

The Club

Since I have already been pushing myself to read more classics, joining The Classics Club should be a cinch, except that I need to come up with a list of 50 books I hope to read within 5 years. So here goes nothing in making that list.

My goal is to read about 10 classic book a year, so by the end of 5 years, hopefully I’ll have a lot of these books completed.

And as this is my own list, I reserve the right to change it (though I know that the Club requires 50 books on this list).

If you have read or heard of any of these books, your feedback would be very helpful.

The 50 TBR Classic Books

Continue reading “The Classics Club Challenge”

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April Reading Challenge

Around the World

Around the World Club Reading Challenge

I create a monthly reading challenge for my Goodreads (and Leafmarks) Group – Around the World. All members are welcome to join this Book Club.

Our Group reading challenges vary from Yearly to the Monthly Challenge. With the monthly challenges, you set your own reading book goals. I create the 10 Categories to help you achieve that reading goal.

Each book can only be given one category upon completion, so there’s no cheating by crossing off two or more categories for one book. Some (like myself) have been finishing 1 to 2 books and others would complete all of the categories and sometimes more.

Also the book must be 100 pages or more.

All books that members (and others) completed must read during the month (or year for the yearly challenge).

Non members of the group is more than welcome to participate in these goals. Just link this page and let me know how your reading progress is going.

Here is April’s reading challenge.

Spring Forward April

Books to Read Goal: #?
Categories Completed: #?
Books Completed: #?

01) A Whole New Look.

With the change of Seasons, my dog Peanut and I both got haircuts. Peanut looks like a different dog with her haircut and bath – she looks skinnier and cleaner.

Read a book where a character has made some sort of change.

The possibilities are endless because the change can range from a haircut, an action completely out of character, a move, a travel vacation, marriage, divorce, etc.

The key thing is that there was something done different from the normal daily grind.

Be sure to let us know what that change was.


02) Spring Cleaning: Out With the Old.

With Spring comes the time do some cleaning and seeing what we want to keep or discard.

Read a book that’s been on your To-Be-List for over a year.

Or Read a book that was not published in the 21st Century.

The possibilities are up to you but be honest and find those old To-Be-Read books that have been collecting dust. And if you don’t want to sort through that long pile then reading a classic oldie is always good, even if it’s a reread. I’ve been rereading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Continue reading “April Reading Challenge”

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Reading Around the World 2016 Challenge

Around the World

Reading Around the World 2016 Challenge

I’m Hosting my first Yearly Reading Challenge here. It started in my Around the World group. There is a few members at the Goodreads (27) and Leafmarks (10) groups right now because we are migrating to these sites from the Shelfari group. So far the members who have been working on this challenge have been able to find a lot of books that fits this challenge.

The Challenge:

Read as many books as you can where the book’s settings or author is from various Countries.

The amount of books read is up to you.

The Rules:

  1. Challenge date is through January 1st, 2016 to December 31st, 2016, your time. (I know this is a late post, so feel free to tally up your January reads and add them to this challenge).
  2. Books must be 100 pages or more.
  3. Post a picture of your Goal Passport on your blog. Or join our Goodreads or Leafmarks groups and participate in the challenge there.
  4. Link or comment here to let me know that you are participating.

The Goal Passports

Jackie Kennedy in Italy 1962
Jackie Kennedy Italy 1962

There are 6 different Goals I’ve set up for everyone to choose from. They follow below from the easiest challenges to the hardest. The first two (blue) are the easists, the others (green) are harder. Pick one, pick a couple, or for those that have the time and are able, pick them all. Up to you. No pressure. This is for you to help challenge yourself. And have fun! Continue reading “Reading Around the World 2016 Challenge”

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African-American Fiction TBR Challenge


African-American Fiction TBR Challenge

This title picture is from TCM channel’s Monday Night Theme, African-American Coming-of-Age Films. The tv channel always has some good old movies. I haven’t seen any of the Monday movies, and it looks like the photo was taken from Coolie High.

In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr and TCM, I have dug through my book list with some sort of connection with African-Americans to recommend and TBR. As for the books I’ve read, I realized that there isn’t that many I’ve tagged African-American, or just Africa.

This has inspired me to challenge myself to read 5 books in 2016 with an African-American tag.

Now I do have a lot of books I already am planning on reading. There are even some books I’ve added because I liked their movies –The Color Purple, The Help, etc).

Books I’ve Read & Recommend…

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