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Kindness Challenge: Week 1 Focus- Self kindness

RevofKindness Challenge
I’m looking forward to doing some personal pampering time this week with this challenge of Niki’s. I really like this post and recommend her blog.

Practicing self-kindness so that we can extend that kindness to others.

Meet n Greet

Meet and Greet Weekend & Blogging

blogging Spock - Star Trek


I’ve had some questions sent my way about blogging and what I think is the best format. Well the place I like write now is obviously with WordPress. I’ve tried a few other blog places, but I like WordPress because it’s a lot easier for me to make my posts and doll up my blog. Plus it’s free. The magic word right?

The other reason why I like WordPress is because it’s easy for me to keep track of all those blogs I follow. It’s in the WordPress “newspaper” reader sort of speak. It flows through in summaries just like on a Facebook App.

The other thing to do when blogging is to Meet and Greet with other bloggers.

So don’t be shy and leave some comments on whatever blog post you read this week. That’s my goal.

And I’ll be happy to reply to you if you leave comments on my posts.

Harry Potter - Herminone books

It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!! Ok so here are the rules: Leave a link to your page or post in the comments of this post. Reblog this post.  It helps you, it helps me, i…

Source: Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big: 3/11/16

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Monday’s Arts & Artist

TCM Arts & Artist

Monday’s Arts & Artist

On Monday’s TCM channel is doing a theme I haven’t seen them do lately. Maybe they have done this before and I never noticed. I have noticed and it looks interesting. It’s focusing on the films that are about Art and the Artists: i.e. the painters, sculptures and so on.

“However challenging it may be to capture the creative process on film, many entertaining and illuminating movies have been made about artists, ranging from real-life masters to fictional painters and sculptors. On Mondays in March, TCM will consider a number of these creative, sometimes tortured visionaries as portrayed in various film genres.”

So I’m taking a break from my Monday Mayhem (those posts about how crazy my week is looking) and I’ll be posting my art, along with other artist’s works, from painting to music.

My first post is something from high school. I’m talking about back in 1995.

I entered a painting to the Los Angeles County Fair. It didn’t get a prize ribbon but it was presented along with other high school student’s artwork.

Now my painting has never been perfect because my drawing isn’t that phenomenal. But I still like to do experiments with shading and textures of the paint or other stuff to use crayons, whatever). This painting had a lot of detail. Here it is:

Children by Michelle M

For all those amateur artists, if you have the chance to have your art displayed, be it at a fair or coffee shop, take that chance. Just seeing that artwork up will give you some happiness. Trust me. I was really happy getting my artwork shown.

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The Beautiful Blogger Award

Beautiful Blogger Award

The Beautiful Blogger Award

I was tagged for this award by Betwixt These Pages. Thanks for the tag. I recommend checking out her blog.

The Rules:

  1. Link to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. List seven random facts about you.
  3. Nominate seven creative, beautiful bloggers, and notify them

7 Facts About Me

1) Names Michelle and my nieces and nephew calls me Auntie Chelle.

Michelle Navy 25Mil

2) I was in the U.S. Navy from 2003 to 2007. I was stationed on the USS Boxer ship and I’ve traveled to 8 countries during the 3 deployments.


3) My dog Peanut turned 13 this month. So Happy Birthday to her.

4) I love reading and my favorite author right now is Jane Austen.

5) Along with reading I also watch a lot of movies and tv shows. In February I challenged myself to watch a movie a day from TCM channel’s 31 Days of Oscar movies.

6) I’ll be 40 this year. I’m still not sure about that age. I’m a year old than Star Wars and my dear niece still thinks I’m younger than that ancient movie.

7) My favorite singer is between Tori Amos and Adele. My favorite song:

I Nominate:

  1. Prima @Panda Hearts Book
  2. The Dante Diaries
  3. Elusive @Realistic Reader
  4. Annalisse @Hopeful Reads
  5. Bookidote
  6. Lila @The Bookkeeper’s Secrets
  7. Rachael @Rachael Reads
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The Creative Blogger Award

Creative Blogger Award

The Creative Blogger Award

I was tagged by Codie @Reader’sAnonymous for this award. Thank you.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • Share 5 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate some bloggers in return and notify them about their nomination.
  • Keep the rules in your post to make it easy for everyone to know what to do.

5 Fun Facts About Me…


(1) My name is Michelle. And my nickname all started with the way my sisters were only able to call me Chelle when we we’re younger. Now my two nieces and a nephew calls me Auntie Chelle.


(2) This is dear sweet Peanut, my dog. Well actually she was supposed to be my Grandpa’s dog, but when I moved in to help take care of him and my mom, Peanut has become my dog too. She’s a 14 year old (human years that is) Poodle. And she’s also a great lap warmer whenever I’m sitting down to read or watch movies or such. This is her fluffy look. She’ll look like a completely different dog after she gets groomed, maybe next week.

The Book Thief Markus Zusak

(3) I have a lot of favorite types of books. I thought that I would be posting just a few Best Of posts that listed my favorites, but it’s grown. A lot. Besides the book I’m currently reading, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen which is my favorite, my other favorite right now is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I’ve seen the movie countless times and I read the book after the first time seeing the movie.

the hobbit Aidan Turner

(4) My favorite actor right now is Aidan Turner. I fell for him when we he was a vampire in the BBC show Being Human. I have yet to watch the current show Poldark, but I’m anxiously waiting to see that. I’ve given myself a little budget on how much I spend on movies and books, so if I want to buy that Poldark first series I’m going to hold off till it’s at a good bargain. I did love him as Killi in The Hobbit movies.

(5) A guilty pleasure of mine is watching those Hallmark movies. And reading cheesy romance books too.

I Nominate…

  1. Stacey @Stacy is Sassy
  2. Elusive @Realistic Reader
  3. Klinta @Book Owl
  4. Michelle @Chelles Life in Books
  5. Amanda @Brains, Books and Brawns
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Silent Sunday Nights & 200 Followers

followed blog 200200 Followers

I started blogging here since October 2015. What started as a little place to post book reviews has expanded to movies and television stuff that I’ve watched. Blogging here has been fun. And I really like finding other blogger friends here.

I was not expecting so many people responding to my blog so quickly. Actually I don’t know what I was expecting, except a little nook to write reviews and such. So thank you to all for following me, liking my posts, and taking the time to read them and leave comments.

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday Nights

TCM channel is airing a very old Silent Film tonight, one from 1918 called The Blue Bird. These oldies have become a sort of comfort film for me. Comfort movies being the ones that you go to when you have a flu or cold (like myself right now). Where you just want something that will calm you, and even remind you of when you were younger. Like Sheldon wanting people to sing him “Soft Kitty” whenever he’s sick, from the show The Big Bang Theory.

I’d like to think I’m not like Sheldon when I’m sick, but I do know that I get a little grumpy and act like I just want to crawl under my blankets and die sometimes. Especially with this head cold! I can’t take Antihistamines for too long, maybe for just a day when I’m sick, or else my nose will become infected and bleed. Plus these coughs kill me! Almost made me throw-up at one point last night. And last time I was this sick like this, I did. It’s the pits.

So that’s my night. I wanted to tell you more in this post, like my go to comfort films and books. But I’m ughhh… there’s times when I think I feel better, and then this huge sinus headache will come, or my coughs will just not stop. At least my nose stopped running. But then that was also when I knew that I had to stop taking some Antihistamines.

I’ll post my Best of Comfort Films and Books later this week. Probably add some stuff of the ones I watched and read while I’m sick right now.

For now, I’ll be watching some Hallmark movies and then it’s The Blue Bird for my nightcap.

And another Thank You to all those who have followed, liked, and commented on my blog.