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Monday Mayhem June 27th

Wine Show tv Perplexed Monday

Monday Mayhem

Ah Monday. Thankfully this week is looking to be just ok. Today was actually relaxing. I’ve finally been getting some reading in. Yes, this week may be ok. Not too stressful or busy. Hopefully.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

“And some old witch in Bath had a book that you could never stop reading! You just had to wander around with your nose in it, trying to do everything one-handed. And —”

~ #RonWeisley.

Well I think that having a relaxing weekend helps out too. What have I been up to? Reading books. I’m acting almost done reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and I think it may end up being the third book that I finished for June! Thank goodness for that because I only finished one book in May (The Martian by Andy Weir), which explains a bit on why I haven’t done any monthly recaps or such lately. Because there hasn’t been that many new things happening. Until now, I’m actually doing some reading and loving it! Continue reading “Monday Mayhem June 27th”


Monday Mayhem June 20th

Bridget Jones- fuuuuuck

Monday Mayhem

Hello everyone. Please forgive my absence here. I have had quite a busy month so far. I was hoping to get some more blog posts done last week but I think I only accomplished one or so posts. Before this crazy month I was posting almost every day, which is a lot, but I was having fun doing that. And I was having even more fun interacting with all you bloggers. Continue reading “Monday Mayhem June 20th”

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Monday Mayhem and 500 Followers

Monday Daffy Duck

Monday Mayhem

Oh how things fly by when you’re not paying attention. I thought I’d get caught up with all you lovely people who have left comments on my blog. I started that Friday night and it’s now Monday night. This weekend has flown by quick. Heck this year is going by quick.



500?! Wow! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Continue reading “Monday Mayhem and 500 Followers”

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Monday Mayhem May 16

Snoopy Monday

Monday Mayhem

Peanut and Book Crown

It’s the middle of the week here and I have yet to finish a dang book for this month. Ugghhh! Seriously disappointed in myself right now. I have set my goal now to do some reading whenever I can now. So I apologize if these posts have gotten shorter and that I haven’t visited that many sites that I follow as often as I have before.

My Plans?

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A Sneak Peek at the Month of May

Peanuts Woodstock May

A Sneak Peek at the Month of May

It’s now the 5th month of this year. How do I feel about that? I do have this nagging feeling that this year has been going by too quickly. I do wish that I had Hermione’s time turner device so that I can turn time back so that I can do more things that I feel have been left undone.

My New Phone!

iPhone 6s

On Friday I bought a new phone, or I traded my old one in for another phone that us. I got an iPhone 6 (small). It’s pink and shiny, but has a turquoise protection cover so that pink really doesn’t matter. Continue reading “A Sneak Peek at the Month of May”

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Monday Mayhem Apr 18th

Charlie Brown Monday

Monday Mayhem

Ahh Monday. Ok week, bring it on. Let’s see what this week has planned out for me, shall we? I’m just hoping to get a chance to do some more reading and some “Me Time.” So hopefully this week won’t be chaotic. *knocks on wood.

Snap out of it Moonstruck

I’m still recovering from my favorite hockey teams loss last night. I am seriously tempted to go to the players and give them a Cher slapping with the “Snap out of it!” comment (thinking of Moonstruck here. Great movie). Seriously boys! So I don’t need more drama thanks to the intense games that the Anaheim Ducks have put me through. But I’m still cheering for you guys non the less. #GoDucks

Let's Go Ducks

Ok. Here’s what is going on this week (besides my hope that the Ducks start winning!)

Owl Crate

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