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TBR Tuesday June 21st


TBR Tuesday

“But you would think, wouldn’t you,” he erupted suddenly, pulling the letter back out of his pocket, “that getting hit forty-five times in the neck with a blunt axe would qualify you to join the Headless Hunt?” – Nearly Headless Nick. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets - Deathday Party

Ahh Tuesday. Here we go. The TBR Tuesday time. But a little different this time. Continue reading “TBR Tuesday June 21st”

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A Sneak Peek at the Month of May

Peanuts Woodstock May

A Sneak Peek at the Month of May

It’s now the 5th month of this year. How do I feel about that? I do have this nagging feeling that this year has been going by too quickly. I do wish that I had Hermione’s time turner device so that I can turn time back so that I can do more things that I feel have been left undone.

My New Phone!

iPhone 6s

On Friday I bought a new phone, or I traded my old one in for another phone that us. I got an iPhone 6 (small). It’s pink and shiny, but has a turquoise protection cover so that pink really doesn’t matter. Continue reading “A Sneak Peek at the Month of May”

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April in Review

Snoopy Goodbye April

April in Review

Is it really May already? What happened to April? Where did it go? The hole month seemed to pass by me pretty quickly. Now let’s see what the heck I was up to that made that month seem to go by so quickly for me… oh jeez, 16 highlight post events for one. And then there’s the other exciting stuff that I’ve been up to in April. OK, I’ll try to make this post quick for you all, but it will obviously be a lot of stuff.

400 Followers and counting


I reached 400 followers to my blog in April. I’m super thrilled about that and happy that the number is still growing. I would like to thank those that have been visiting and following my blog. I started blogging back in October 2015 with little expectations. This blog has started off with me reviewing books and posting up some older reviews. But since I also like watching movies and such, the blog has expanded to other things of my interests. So it really means a lot to me that I’ve had such positive feedback with likes, follows, and most of all comments (even though it takes me a day or so to catch up with those).

It’s also been fun looking through the other bloggers around social media. And I have now finally set up my instagram, pinterest, and twitter accounts, which will have stuff from my blog along with other things that I like.

What I read in April

Michelle First Frost book

OK, first up is to look at the books I’ve read and got around to finally reviewing in April. It wasn’t a whole lot of books that I read in April, but I do think that I’ve gotten over my reading slump. The only problem is trying not to get overwhelmed again with all the books that I want to read. Continue reading “April in Review”

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April Kindle First Books

Kindle First

April Kindle First Books

With Kindle First, Amazon Prime members are offered one free book each month from 6 books picked by Amazon’s editors. This is another monthly post with the Kindle First Email Subscription. This has been a great way to help others and myself decide what book to try. (My thoughts are in red with a * for the books I’m interested in).

This Amazon site explains the system. A note that this special offer is only offered for U.S. Amazon Prime members (or for $1.99).

So here is this month’s books. I’ve copied and pasted the email’s synopsis for the books. You can look at each Amazon link to get the book’s blurb, and also one from the Amazon editor on why they picked that book. Sorry but I’d much rather copy/ paste these one sentence synopsis from my email.

Any thoughts on these books would be great for helping me and others in choosing from these books. Thank you.


Blood Defense by Marcia Clark

Blood Defense (Samantha Brinkman Book 1) by Marcia Clark

4.3 out of 5 stars (69 Reviews)
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Pre-order Price: $5.99
Buy Now Price: $0.00 Prime

“A new legal thriller from bestselling author and famed O.J. Simpson trial prosecutor Marcia Clark.”

I’m not a Thriller mystery fan. Good on Marcia though for trying at a book series 


Deliver Her by Patricia Perry Donovan

Deliver Her by Patricia Perry Donovan

4.2 out of 5 stars (59 Reviews)
Release Date: May 1, 2016
Pre-order Price: $5.99
Buy Now Price: $0.00 Prime

“The mother of a grieving teenager makes a decision that may shatter their family forever.”

I’m not interested in Suspense mysteries. The cover looks nice. Continue reading “April Kindle First Books”

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April Preview

Snoopy Happy April

April Preview

April has come and I am feeling like these times are being wasted away so far in 2016. Although the flu/ cold season didn’t help much. Plus I’ve got a pinched nerve in my shoulder from when I pulled a back shoulder muscle back in February, but I think it’s starting to get better. Well, I’m really hoping that it’s getting better, but I’ll be seeing a physical therapist soon so that’ll help for sure.

It seems that every time I think about how it’s April now I think of this song by Simon and Garfunkel, April Comes She Will. There’s something about the beginning of Spring and this type of music that stays with me, no matter what mood I’m in.

Reading Plans

Michelle and Peanut reading

It’s been three months past so far and I feel like I haven’t accomplished that much in reading through my To-Be-Read list. The length of the list, along with all the books I own and haven’t read yet is a little intimidating right now because of my reading slump. But it’s April now and hopefully this will be a good month. Continue reading “April Preview”

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March Monthly Recap

Goodbye March

March Monthly Recap

The end of another month here. I wish there was more days so that I can actually get some reading and reviewing done. I was able  to finish one book this month though. I have finally gotten around to watching some of the programs and movies on our dvr. My lack of reading probably has to do with my pinched nerve at my neck/ shoulder (somewhere around there) and tense muscles. But I think it’s getting better so hopefully I’ll get some more reading done soon.

The Book I Read

Northanger Abbey Val McDermid

Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid. This is the second book of The Austen Project series. There’s two other books to this series so far, along with one more book being released on April 19th (Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld). I’m looking forward to reading Emma by Alexander McCall Smith (book 3). These are satires to Jane Austen‘s books. Val McDermid normally writes mystery books (not my go-to genre) and so this author is New-To-Me.

Review coming soon. I promise.

The Movies I Watched

TCM 31 Days of Oscar

TCM 31 Days of Oscars movie challenge. I finished watching the movies for my personal challenge for watching one movie that the TCM channel aired from February 1st to March 2nd. The majority of those 31 movies were ones that I have not watched till then. I was able to finish watching the last 5 movies at the beginning of the month of March:

My favorites from those Oscar movies were:

Sabrina - Audrey Hepburn

Other movies were from TCM as well, with a highlight of Jerry Lewis‘s 90th Birthday and watching his movie The Bellboy.

I have been able to watch a few new movies this week and even some Godzilla movies too. I hope to post the reviews asap.

The Best of Posts in March

Here are a few posts that I of course liked and thankfully others liked too. Continue reading “March Monthly Recap”