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Top 5 Wednesday Apr 20th

Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday

I’m going to try these Top 5 Wednesday topics from the Goodreads group. I’ve seen and joined that Goodreads group for some time now. The topics in April looked pretty good. I really liked this topic. And since I already liked to make lists, these 5 every week shouldn’t be too difficult for me. Maybe..

April 20th – Book You’re Intimidated By

My physical Book Shelf is pretty intimidating and it’s now overflowing. But here’s those other books that are just as intimidating.

01. Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

I read all the Musketeer Books, which has 5 very long books, and then The Count of Monte Cristo all by Alexandre Dumas. I read all those books in my early twenties and I found them daunting at first because of the size, but then I couldn’t put them down.

Titanic Blood And Steel 2012

Now the Outlander series has 8 long books, not including all those extra stuff. Oh lord that is a lot to go through. I bought book 1 kindle edition back in 2013 for $1.99. That is how long that this book has been waiting on my kindle(s) for me to read. I haven’t been so excited to read the book because this isn’t my usual type of genres, time travel and historical fiction.

I was looking forward to watching the tv show on the Starz cable channel. The first season started off good. But then I started to loose interest in the story and ended up skipping in watching some of the episodes.

Now it’s Season 2 and the first two episodes were pretty good. The story is a lot more engaging that it was in the first season in my opinion.

02. Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin.

Game of Thrones by George R R Martin

Here’s another 8 very long book series. I purchased the 4 Book kindle edition back in 2013 for $15.99. It’s now $34.99.

My aunt and sister have both read this book series and has recommended it to me. They have both admitted that this is a long read but worth it. They also said that there is a lot of characters to follow that they sometimes wish to see a list of just those characters in order to keep track.

And then there’s the HBO cable show. I have not watched a single full episode from the 5 seasons. Even after the show’s big promotional thing on March 3rd for the fans where they streamed/ aired one episode per night on HBO NOW. #GOT50

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Man Crush Movie Week – High School Crush

Freeform Man Crush Movie Week

Man Crush Movie Week

Man Crush Movie Week - Harry Potter and Ron

ABC Family channel, or now known as Freeform, has a theme this week that went along with something I liked. Their theme for the week is Man Crush Movie Week. I have already been watching some YouTube videos with some of my favorite romantic scenes in movies. And now I can watch some of these movies too if I’d like.

Tuesday Night they airedย Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

High School Crush

So in honor of Harry Potter, here’s my High School Crush.

Jared Letoย in My So Called Life.

What actor was your favorite High School Crush?

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Silent Sunday Nights March 6th

TCM Silent Sunday Nights

Silent Sunday Nights

TCM regular schedule is back and so am I (sort of). Tonight is their Silent Sunday Nights with Silent Films. Tonight is a bunch of Silent Laurel and Hardy films. How I wish I can watch some of these films tonight. I might catch some of one of them late tonight. In the mean time it’s the numerous tv shows on tonight.

My favorites:

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time. I like this show but I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Madam Secretary. It’s gotten pretty good this week. And I love all the cast members. Tonight’s show. Wow. And the British boyfriend – Cute!

My Gramps Favorite (& I think it’s ok)


Quantico. Even though it’s a complicated plot, Gramps still really likes this show. I think it’s because of the lead heroine and actress, Priyanka Chopra. But it looks like tonight he’ll be going to bed before that movie. It’s recorded though. I like the show because of Jake McLaughlin. I really liked him in the show Believe. Loved that show too.

Goodbye Downton

Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey. I almost forgot about this show. My mom loves this. I’ve seen some of the episodes and when I have the time I’ll start watching it from the first series. Gramps says that it’s the end of another soap opera show but I’ll still watch it. Also my mom says there’s been rumors of a movie, but I’m not sure about the truth of that. So Mom’s watching that right now with a “Do Not Disturb” sign at the door (not literally a sign there).

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Monday Mayhem & A Full DVR

Snoopy Monday Bleah

Monday Mayhem

It’s been a hectic time last week, hopefully this week won’t be so bad, but it looks like it’s going to be. At least it looks like Gramps is coming home tomorrow. He’s been in the Hospital for a week now because of a small lung infection, but mostly because his asthma has been really bad. But he’s gotten better and it looks like he’ll be discharged tomorrow.

The Direct TVs DVR is Full

Direct TV

It’s time to sort through these shows and movies that I’ve recorded because the DVR is full. Literally. It’s at 4% available right now. And it’s Monday, so there’s so many shows on tonight that need to be recorded too. So here’s what’s going on with the DVR.

Any thoughts of what I should keep or dump would be great.


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Monday Mayhem Feb 15th

Snoopy Monday Bleah

Monday Mayhem

Gramps gave me my cold back, so I’m sick again. So what shall I do with a headache and fever, plus runny nose and cough?

Well continue working on reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen of course. And it’s just my luck to be reading about how Jane Bennet is sick when I am too.

So here’s a video of her performing live at SNL (since the performance today isn’t available on YouTube. Yet I’m sure).

And then there’s watching Adele sing at the Grammy Awards. I love her. I thought her performance was great. As for the people in charge is the sound and lighting crew, they really screwed up at the beginning of the song. But as they and Adele said “S–t happens.” I have an acquaintance from high school that I’m friends with on Facebook. On each of these awards (or even during the Super Bowl) he posts a picture of him by the sound and lighting boards with the stage behind him. Today I’m not jealous.

And here’s this carpool karaoke video with Adele and James Corden for those that haven’t seen these. There great and he’s a funny guy.

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Monday Mayhem Feb 8th

garfield Brightside monday

Monday Mayhem

Monday are you trying to kill me with all this chaos? Babysitting and plus now my Gramps and Mom are still doing pretty bad with their cold viruses. And then there’s all those ridiculous tv shows and the TCM movie to watch (the movie I’ll have to watch late tonight for a post.

I definitely need to take Garfield‘s advise and look at the brighter side of things. So here’s some…

Positive Things of My Monday

Music that can calm me.

When I first started these Monday Mayhem posts, I said that Tori Amos has always been my go-to-music-gal whenever I’m in a bleah mood. And so here’s the latest from Tori Amos.

Finding the joy and fun in just the little things.

My 5 year old niece and I spent most of the day playing… we did some sidewalk chalk drawings (which some got rinsed off because of the sprinklers), writing some Get Well Cards for Gramps and Mom. Continue reading “Monday Mayhem Feb 8th”