Daily Themes


The Daily Themes

I like themes, and I make them up as I go along, so not all of them are the same every week, let alone the month.

Monthly Recaps

A collection of posts that recaps all the things from that month.

Monthly Artist Spotlight

Inspired by TCM, these posts focus on 3 artists that I’ve liked the most during that month (my favorites vary).


These collection of posts have mostly been a Silent Sunday Nights Theme inspired by the Turner Classic Movie channel (TCM).

Monday Mayhem

I don’t like Mondays. They always start my week off in a crazy frenzy. These posts are what those things are.

TBR Tuesdays

A collection of what’s on my reading agenda.

Wazzup Wednesday’s

A new collection of posts that focus on random things that I liked throughout the week, from movies, books to other stuff.

Throwback Thursdays

This theme is a chance for me to post some old reviews from my Amazon reviews and such here. And also a sort of time for some nostalgia.

All things from Friday

Friday posts have varied. Right now it’s a sort of Thank Goodness it’s Friday (TGIF) and what’s what.

(Nothing for Saturday’s at the moment.)