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Horror Fridays, Oct 23rd

This week TCM channel is doing Literary Horror themes. And on my 2 mile hike/walk to my gym today, I saw this house with many different Halloween decorations. The one by the door in black is non other than Pinhead, the character from Hellraiser, which just happens to be based off of a book by… Continue reading Horror Fridays, Oct 23rd

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To Diet or To Health

The goal: I am attempting to lose 10 pounds in 1 month (wish me luck, because they always say the first 10 is the hardest). And so naturally I have fished through for some books. Dieting means to me a binge eating faze. And I already have a bad habit with food (the "midnight munchies"!).… Continue reading To Diet or To Health

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Wishful Drinking

Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher (audio from iTunes) 5★♥ read April 25, 2014 Loved this. Carrie was hilarious in this audiobook. Honestly, I've owned this on iTunes for so long that I've forgotten about it. I'm glad that I got around to listening to the audio finally! It's a good listen. And the way Carrie… Continue reading Wishful Drinking