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Monday Mayhem Feb 8th

Monday Mayhem Monday are you trying to kill me with all this chaos? Babysitting and plus now my Gramps and Mom are still doing pretty bad with their cold viruses. And then there's all those ridiculous tv shows and the TCM movie to watch (the movie I'll have to watch late tonight for a post.… Continue reading Monday Mayhem Feb 8th

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12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge, Days 1-7

12 Days of Christmas Challenge Days 1 through 7 I was tagged to do the Christmas Blogging Challenge by Laura @Lala's Blog. I'll be starting with 7 of the "Days" because I want to end this on Christmas Day. I know, cheating, but hey I'm busy! I still have Gift Wrapping to do! Also, I… Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge, Days 1-7

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Countdown to Christmas Nov 27

Countdown to Christmas 27 more days until Christmas! And it's after Thanksgiving, so I don't have to feel embarrassed for counting down in my family (niece even told me that she isn't going to countdown until after Thanksgiving). So it's 4 weeks, and 3 Fridays until Christmas. And speaking of Thanksgiving... The Day after the… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas Nov 27

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The calm after the storm of a Thanksgiving Dinner party

Turkey in the oven, places set, dog begging for people food scraps (a no-no), ok... let the guests arrive. And late as usual. Isn't that always the case? The calm after the storm of a Thanksgiving Dinner party Oh so tired. I had a busy and fun day today. There was some good turkey food.… Continue reading The calm after the storm of a Thanksgiving Dinner party

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The Day Before Thanksgiving

My Dog, Peanut

The Day Before Thanksgiving

I’ve had a very busy day today. So I’ll leave today’s blog to my dog, Peanut. She had more time to lay down and relax than me. It must be hard being such a pampered dog.


14484761652561102023939 I’m invisible. You do not see me on the couch I’m not supposed to be on.

The Day Before Thanksgiving

The humans are cleaning a lot again. They even woke up a little earlier than normal. And they’ve also been cooking. And they did something to that meat. I think they called it a Turkey. And it’s in a bucket! The humans said something about brine. Weird. And then there’s this sweet fruity thing. They call it Crumb Apple Pie (there’s two of those), and Apple Pie (just one). The humans have put those in the spare refrigerator.


So while the humans have been busy, I’ve been catching up on my zzz’s. That and I’ve been able to get away with some things the humans don’t like me doing, like sleeping on the new couches, and barking a lot at the mailman.

After all the excitement from today, I’m tired…

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