Monday Mayhem June 20th

Bridget Jones- fuuuuuck

Monday Mayhem

Hello everyone. Please forgive my absence here. I have had quite a busy month so far. I was hoping to get some more blog posts done last week but I think I only accomplished one or so posts. Before this crazy month I was posting almost every day, which is a lot, but I was having fun doing that. And I was having even more fun interacting with all you bloggers. Continue reading “Monday Mayhem June 20th”

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April Reading Challenge

Around the World

Around the World Club Reading Challenge

I create a monthly reading challenge for my Goodreads (and Leafmarks) Group – Around the World. All members are welcome to join this Book Club.

Our Group reading challenges vary from Yearly to the Monthly Challenge. With the monthly challenges, you set your own reading book goals. I create the 10 Categories to help you achieve that reading goal.

Each book can only be given one category upon completion, so there’s no cheating by crossing off two or more categories for one book. Some (like myself) have been finishing 1 to 2 books and others would complete all of the categories and sometimes more.

Also the book must be 100 pages or more.

All books that members (and others) completed must read during the month (or year for the yearly challenge).

Non members of the group is more than welcome to participate in these goals. Just link this page and let me know how your reading progress is going.

Here is April’s reading challenge.

Spring Forward April

Books to Read Goal: #?
Categories Completed: #?
Books Completed: #?

01) A Whole New Look.

With the change of Seasons, my dog Peanut and I both got haircuts. Peanut looks like a different dog with her haircut and bath – she looks skinnier and cleaner.

Read a book where a character has made some sort of change.

The possibilities are endless because the change can range from a haircut, an action completely out of character, a move, a travel vacation, marriage, divorce, etc.

The key thing is that there was something done different from the normal daily grind.

Be sure to let us know what that change was.


02) Spring Cleaning: Out With the Old.

With Spring comes the time do some cleaning and seeing what we want to keep or discard.

Read a book that’s been on your To-Be-List for over a year.

Or Read a book that was not published in the 21st Century.

The possibilities are up to you but be honest and find those old To-Be-Read books that have been collecting dust. And if you don’t want to sort through that long pile then reading a classic oldie is always good, even if it’s a reread. I’ve been rereading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Continue reading “April Reading Challenge”

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Wazzup Wednesday Mar 16th


Wazzup Wednesday

A Wednesday where I share all the things that I liked from the past week.

Wazzup San Diego

San Diego, California, U.S. has been ranked as One of the Top U.S. Destinations for 2016.

I lived in San Diego from 2003-2007 thanks to my service in the US Navy military. I really loved living in San Diego. There was so many things to do there. Of course, for those military members that were under drinking age (21), they thought there wasn’t much to do so every weekend they would go to Tijuana, Mexico to drink. But there’s so much more to do in San Diego than drink their various brewed beers. I loved going to the beaches the most, as well as going to the baseball games and then dinner at the Gaslamp (San Diego Downtown). And if you’d like know about what else there is to do in San Diego, this Buzzfeed article lists 26 things, in an A-Z list.

Wazzup & Happy Birthday Jerry Lewis

Continue reading “Wazzup Wednesday Mar 16th”

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To Diet or To Health

The goal: I am attempting to lose 10 pounds in 1 month (wish me luck, because they always say the first 10 is the hardest).

And so naturally I have fished through for some books.

Dieting means to me a binge eating faze. And I already have a bad habit with food (the “midnight munchies”!). So really what I need is to just focus on what types of foods I shouldn’t eat. Like I love some of Sansai‘s Californian Rolls and Chicken plate.

Sansai Japanese food-1100048381 Continue reading “To Diet or To Health”