Monday Mayhem June 20th

Bridget Jones- fuuuuuck

Monday Mayhem

Hello everyone. Please forgive my absence here. I have had quite a busy month so far. I was hoping to get some more blog posts done last week but I think I only accomplished one or so posts. Before this crazy month I was posting almost every day, which is a lot, but I was having fun doing that. And I was having even more fun interacting with all you bloggers. Continue reading “Monday Mayhem June 20th”

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Monday Mayhem May 16

Snoopy Monday

Monday Mayhem

Peanut and Book Crown

It’s the middle of the week here and I have yet to finish a dang book for this month. Ugghhh! Seriously disappointed in myself right now. I have set my goal now to do some reading whenever I can now. So I apologize if these posts have gotten shorter and that I haven’t visited that many sites that I follow as often as I have before.

My Plans?

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A Sneak Peek at the Month of May

Peanuts Woodstock May

A Sneak Peek at the Month of May

It’s now the 5th month of this year. How do I feel about that? I do have this nagging feeling that this year has been going by too quickly. I do wish that I had Hermione’s time turner device so that I can turn time back so that I can do more things that I feel have been left undone.

My New Phone!

iPhone 6s

On Friday I bought a new phone, or I traded my old one in for another phone that us. I got an iPhone 6 (small). It’s pink and shiny, but has a turquoise protection cover so that pink really doesn’t matter. Continue reading “A Sneak Peek at the Month of May”

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Monday Mayhem & Man Crush Movie Week

Man Crush Movie Week

ABC Family channel, or now known as Freeform, has a theme this week that ended up going along with a post that I was going to do. Their theme for the week is Man Crush Movie Week.

Tonight they’re airing a strange mix of movies. First up was The Hunger Games, an action adventure movie with two lovely men. With Liam Hemsworth it’s hard to be Team Peeta. And after watching that action movie comes a Rom-Com starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal. And then for their late night movie is a high school Rom-Com called John Tucker Must Die.

My Man Crush Movies

I have been looking through some clips on YouTube of some of those romantic scenes in movies. Watching just those clips have been a little addicting.

So to go along with Man Crush Movie Week, here’s James McAvoy in the movie Penelope with Christina Ricci.

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Monday Mayhem April 4th

Snoopy Monday Bleah

Monday Mayhem

“It’s just another manic Monday
I wish it were Sunday
‘Cause that’s my fun day
My I don’t have to run day
It’s just another manic Monday”
Manic Monday by The Bangles

Dogs - Peanut and Newton

sigh The Bangles had it right about Monday. These are the days when I wish my bed was already made. For some people, like my sister, the weekend is a time to get the chores done along with some fun stuff. But not me. My chores is done throughout the weekdays. My cousin left this morning from her short visit with us. I think our dog Peanut misses her brown dog Newton. And with her gone it means that I’ve got to do some extra cleaning because Newton hair does shed a lot compared to Peanut’s Poodle hair. And the house must be cleaned for Gramps’s asthma.

But in the meantime, here is some things that I’m super excited about and can’t wait to tell you all about it on my Wazzup Wednesday posts.

A Barnes & Noble book store visit

Today I went over to my Gym to use their pool and jacuzzi. It helped my shoulder a bit but then I had to carry around my backpack with my change of clothes and stuff. It also wasn’t fun for my right foot because I was wearing some new-ish shoes, so now I have a blister. So I went off to the book store to do some browsing at the store.

Barnes and Noble book shopping

Well what did I find there but non other than a Stan Lee book, with chapters and all.

B and N edition - The Zodiac Legacy - Dragons Return by Stan LeeAnd my copy is a Barnes & Noble special because it has a Q&A with Stan Lee. The book is The Zodiac Legacy: The Dragon’s Return. It turns out that this is the second book of the Zodiac Legacy so I also bout the first book, Convergence, on my kindle.

The Zodiac Legacy - black-dragon

And now I’ve looked at their Website and found my Zodiac sign, though I already knew it, but just wanted to see what they’ll say. I’m a Dragon: noble, self-assured, magnanimous, and my “Friends” areΒ Rats and Roosters. Continue reading “Monday Mayhem April 4th”

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Monday’s Arts & Artist

TCM Arts & Artist

Monday’s Arts & Artist

On Monday’s TCM channel is doing a theme I haven’t seen them do lately. Maybe they have done this before and I never noticed. I have noticed and it looks interesting. It’s focusing on the films that are about Art and the Artists: i.e. the painters, sculptures and so on.

“However challenging it may be to capture the creative process on film, many entertaining and illuminating movies have been made about artists, ranging from real-life masters to fictional painters and sculptors. On Mondays in March, TCM will consider a number of these creative, sometimes tortured visionaries as portrayed in various film genres.”

So I’m taking a break from my Monday Mayhem (those posts about how crazy my week is looking) and I’ll be posting my art, along with other artist’s works, from painting to music.

My first post is something from high school. I’m talking about back in 1995.

I entered a painting to the Los Angeles County Fair. It didn’t get a prize ribbon but it was presented along with other high school student’s artwork.

Now my painting has never been perfect because my drawing isn’t that phenomenal. But I still like to do experiments with shading and textures of the paint or other stuff to use crayons, whatever). This painting had a lot of detail. Here it is:

Children by Michelle M

For all those amateur artists, if you have the chance to have your art displayed, be it at a fair or coffee shop, take that chance. Just seeing that artwork up will give you some happiness. Trust me. I was really happy getting my artwork shown.