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Monday Mayhem November 2nd Another Manic Monday indeed. It's been a busy Monday for me as always. More so thanks to Daylight Savings Time. It's an American thing where we've decided to mess with our daily time schedule. We brought our clocks back an hour, so we've gained an hour. An hour that has messed up my insomnia… Continue reading Monday Mayhem November 2nd

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Monday Mayhem and Supergirl

Monday. Another busy day and start of a week for me. Today there are so many tv shows on that my Grandpa Ed and I have to switch our TV mode from cable to tv to watch all of them. We have two shows being recorded at the same time from 8pm to 11pm. So in… Continue reading Monday Mayhem and Supergirl

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The Matchmaker stories

The Matchmaker series by Elise Sax The series is a 4 book series... with what I really hope for more books to come, but I don't know. Gladie Burger reminded me of Stephanie Plum. Well, all right, the Stephanie Plum that Katherine Heigl played. Except, Gladie is a Californian. And I like Elise's humor more… Continue reading The Matchmaker stories