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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Soundtrack

Harry Potter Chamber Secrets Soundtrack

Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets

Here’s another book soundtrack for you all. I’ve been rereading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and with that I’ve thought of making a little soundtrack from my music collection.

Black Dove by #ToriAmos

(🎧 “They don’t know that you’ve already lived on the other side of the Galaxy” 🎧) Such a magical song. Love Tori Amos too. πŸ’—

#DeadSouls by #NineInchNails

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Horror Fridays, Oct 23rd


This week TCM channel is doing Literary Horror themes. And on my 2 mile hike/walk to my gym today, I saw this house with many different Halloween decorations. The one by the door in black is non other than Pinhead, the character from Hellraiser, which just happens to be based off of a book by Clive Barker, The Hellbound Heart.

The Lords of Salem Rob Zombie

And so, the only Literary Horror book that I’m currently reading is Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie (screenplay) and B. K. Evenson. I’m only on the second chapter, but it is a weird start. As is all of Rob Zombie’s stuff.

Northanger Abbey Val McDermid
I’ve actually been more engrossed with reading Northanger Abbey (The Austen Project: Book 2) by Val McDermid. I’m actually liking this book. ‘Cat’ Morland is a very naive 17 year old teenager. And the story is good and a little funny. The Book and Arts fair that she is at seems fun.

Currently Reading
➑ Northanger Abbey (The Austen Project: Book 2) by Val McDermid
➑ Macbeth by William Shakespeare
➑ A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
➑ Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie and B. K. Evenson

The other Horror things going on with me this Friday is having my butt kicked by my trainer at the gym today. 2 miles hiking to the gym and then a hefty core excersize regime and then a 1 mile hike home (Mom thankfully picked me up halfway because I was beat). My arms and back are sore now, plus, I have a headache. Plus a little blister or sore at the bottom of my right foot. But it still felt good.

I’ll just do a little walk tomorrow with my dog, she needs it. Don’t want her to end up being a couch-potato.

Even small dogs know how to hog up a space and do some #DeepCouchSitting


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Monday Mayhem of October 19th

Tori Amos always helps me out with the start of a new week.

The beginning of the week always looks busy and hectic for me.

Currently Reading
➑ Northanger Abbey (The Austen Project: Book 2) by Val McDermid (a physical library book that I am enjoying so far.)
➑ Emma: A Modern Retelling (The Austen Project: Book 3) by Alexander McCall Smith (a library book that was returned but I’m hoping will still stay on my kindle with some magic help from the kindle gods)
➑ Macbeth by William Shakespeare (barely started, thought it would be a good book that I haven’t read of Shakespeare’s for October and Halloween – witches So far it’s alright.)
➑ A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (started and am liking so far)
➑ Lords of Salem by Rob Zombie and B. K. Evenson (a physical library book. at chapter 2 and it’s a strange tale so far. as to be expected by Rob).

And then I have things to sort with my shelfari groups (Around the World November Challenge plans and Play Book Tag‘s Baseball Challenge and Monthly tags. I don’t know yet what books I’m reading for these).

And then I have to plan my workout schedule in between all the other schedules my family and I have planned for this week. Too much stuff. I so want to procrastinate.

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The Library Books of October


I love the Libraries. And book stores. I can’t go in there without finding a new book to read. And it’s very very very hard for me to not spend money at the book stores, which is why I don’t often bring my debit card in the store with me. Just cash please ($5 minimum maybe).

And so this month, it looks like I’ve got about 21 books from the libraries. No joke. 21. Like I said I can’t help it.

Halloween Library Books
Halloween Themed Library Books.

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