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Throwback Thursday, Sequels, and Disney

Throwback Thursday and Sequels Normally on Throwback Thursdays, I'll dig up some old reviews of books and movies I've done. I'm feeling nostalgic for some other stuff... For all the movies and such that's been coming back this year, like Star Wars (dying to see of course), Jurassic Park sequel (don't care about seeing), Terminator… Continue reading Throwback Thursday, Sequels, and Disney

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The Disney Book Tag

The Disney Book Tag I was tagged by Trisha Ann@TheBookgasm. Thank you Trisha. I do like Disney. This was a fun tag, even if it was a little hard for me to pick favorites (as it always is). I shall tag... Jaysen @JaysenHeadlyWrites Brittney @BrittneyRz Syc @TheLitMermaid And the Aunties @AuntieDotes And any Disney fan,… Continue reading The Disney Book Tag