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Wazzup Wednesday’s Feb 10th

Wazzup Wednesday's I've been using Wednesday and Saturday as a sort of time to catch up with things, reviews, posts, etc. So I'm starting a Wazzup Wednesday's meme to talk about all things that I've randomly liked throughout the week, be it movies, books, commercials, or what ever else that interests me. So Wazzup The… Continue reading Wazzup Wednesday’s Feb 10th

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January Month in Review 2016

January Month in Review January has been a good and bad month for me. The good is having family from out of state visiting, and then having the place to ourselves for peace and quiet. The bad is with this Winter Weather comes the Flu Season too. Gramps and I both ended up getting a… Continue reading January Month in Review 2016

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Throwback Thursdays Books of 2015

Throwback Thursdays 12 Month Book Highlights of 2015 In 2015 I read 69 books. I had hoped to read more books, but life had other plans to keep me busy. Here is a month by month highlight of those books. I'll be adding my thoughts to the books that don't have reviews here. But first...… Continue reading Throwback Thursdays Books of 2015

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Silent Sunday Nights Jan 24th

Silent Sunday Nights TCM Silent Sunday Nights has some pretty good ┬áSilent Films tonight, The Kid being the best I think. But all this hasn't popped my bubble high after seeing the Star Wars movie. Yup, I finally got around to watching that movie and I loved it!! And now back to working on that… Continue reading Silent Sunday Nights Jan 24th