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Bad Boys Tag

Bad Boys Tag On my last Monday Mayhem post I mentioned that I would be making a Bad Boys character list. You're all welcome to create a list of your own with these questions, just link me to your list so everyone knows who started this. So I TAG anyone that wants to do this.… Continue reading Bad Boys Tag

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Throwback Thursday, Sequels, and Disney

Throwback Thursday and Sequels Normally on Throwback Thursdays, I'll dig up some old reviews of books and movies I've done. I'm feeling nostalgic for some other stuff... For all the movies and such that's been coming back this year, like Star Wars (dying to see of course), Jurassic Park sequel (don't care about seeing), Terminator… Continue reading Throwback Thursday, Sequels, and Disney

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My Tip Top 10 Favorite Movies

Along with my passion of reading and watching movies (and tv), I have a hobby of making lists. I've made lists on IMDb (about a dozen or so) and another bunch on My List for my Top 10 Movies I watch a lot of movies. And just picking 10 will be hard, so I… Continue reading My Tip Top 10 Favorite Movies