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Countdown to Christmas Dec 11th

1.89 Weeks 13 Days 14 Sleeps 325.2 Hours 19,514 Minutes 1,170,828 Seconds Countdown to Christmas Things you should have already done... (1) Watched your City's Christmas Parade and saw Santa at the end. (2) Fixed up all your outdoor decorations... making sure the blow-up Santa stays standing... and trying not to go overkill. (3) Decorated… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas Dec 11th

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Monday Mayhaim Dec 7

Monday Mayhaim I haven't been able to read that much lately. It's the holiday prep and it's starting to give me headaches just thinking of all the things that needs to be done. Good news is that I got part of the Outdoor Christmas Lights up - the white colored lights that is. Now to… Continue reading Monday Mayhaim Dec 7