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5 Books I tried reading for Summertime


5 Books I tired reading for Summertime

It’s the end of the Summer holidays, though in Southern California it still feels a little like Summertime still. Last year I was in a very long reading slump. Now I’ve been reading a little more, but still finding myself in small slumps. It doesn’t help that I’ve added so many books to my collection of books stored under my bed (I have no space for a bookshelf, so that’s where they must all go). So now I’ve been working on not having a scheduled To-Be-Read pile.

I tried to have a Goodreads reading goal last year but because of personal chaos and depression, that goal didn’t go so well at all. This year I have made a goal, but I’m not really stressed over it. My goal is 40 books and I’m feel like I’m finally enjoying reading again. It’s just difficult because my mom wants to watch shows or movies and wants to watch them with me too. Sometimes I’ll just read instead while she’s watching what she wants so that works out.

Well this summer I really tried to have a “summer read” though I’m not sure I really succeeded. I did read plenty of books, including one book that took me 2 years to finish reading (yaaa! More on that list for another post).

Here are the 5 books I wanted to read during the Summer:

I truly wanted to read these books this summer. I even took little photos of them while I was on vacation and relaxing. But now it’s going on to my next year’s hopeful Summer TBR list.


The Lost World (Jurassic Park 2) by Michael Crichton

I read Jurassic Park by Crichton 25 or so years ago. At least I think it’s been that long. I can’t remember if I read the book before or after the movie. Now I’ve been thinking of reading it’s sequel.


Jaws by Peter Blenchley

This movie scared me a little. It took me a while to go underwater at the beach. I even had a small fear of swimming in the deep end of the swimming pool. Now there’s more shark attack movies, some real, some pure fiction – like The Meg, which will never be on my watch list. Maybe on my tbr but I doubt I’ll ever read it soon. I had a challenge for me to read at least on book that got turned into a movie and that movie was a “Summer Blockbuster”. Well Jaws is definitely a blockbuster since it’s the first movie to become one.


How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

I bought this book from my Book Of The Month book subscription service. This was a cover buy. I also liked Katherine Center’s book Get Lucky. I have a little Goodreads review in which I discussed why I liked that contemporary romance book and gave it 4🌟. So now I’ve been thinking of giving How to Walk Away a try.


The Unexpected Consequence of Love by Jill Mansell

I got this book on my kindle a few years ago. Jill Mansell is a fun Brit-Lit/ Chick-Lit author. I have enjoyed a few of her books. I went to Barnes and Nobles this summer a few times and this was just to good to pass. So yes, I bought this and added it to my summer tbr because of the cover. This is definitely a cover buy.


Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber

I have had this book on my TBR list for a long time now. Debbie Macomber is always a good “feel good” author. I always read Debbie’s books for my Christmas themed books. Those books are definitely my cosy comfort reads. I have read a few of the Blossom Street books and enjoyed them just as much. I have been trying to read this series from the beginning so this book will once again have to wait, but hopefully not for long.

What books did you want to read during the Summer?

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